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Degeneration of the body is inevitable; therefore, a good exercise program can promote maintenance and improvement of the joints affected. In this course we address the theory of osteoarthritis and why the client might have certain symptoms before and after exercise. You will also learn a safe osteoarthritic exercise program that incorporates theory details.


In this osteoarthritic training course you will learn how to safely train a client who has osteoarthritis. You will learn:

  • the precautions to follow in the exercise program
  • risks and symptoms of osteoarthritis
  • the objectives of the exercise program
  • a comprehensive osteoarthritic focused exercise program that will ensure safety for your client or patient when exercising
  • modifications and assists that are relevant to making their program safe and effective and that will encourage joint care and longevity
  • how to teach an Osteoarthritic exercise class with safety and efficiency in mind
  • insight into the finer details of Osteoarthritis and what the necessities are when teaching an Osteoarthritic client movement and exercise
  • how to offer your client or patient a class with the ultimate goal being joint care and longevity without pain
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