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My main goal is to lead my clients towards Longevity so that they can be the best healthy versions of themselves. I feel confident in the programs that I design for my clients because I understand the Art and Science of Movement. I enhance my own skills through Continuing Education.

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Thinking out of the box enables me to think on my feet and create amazing programs that reap results for my clients.

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Movement and the study thereof has always been my passion. Therefore I felt the need to formulate the best movement analysis & client specific based courses worldwide. My objective is for all of our members to gain valuable relevant knowledge through a platform that has their best interest at heart. The science & feeling of movement lies at the forefront of this work.

No matter what movement you teach, every single course at of-courseonline is vital for your career & the longevity of your clients or patients. Pilates unlimited was just the beginning of my journey of formulating courses for professionals.

A comprehensive understanding of how an individual’s anatomy affects their functional movement or prescribed movements can become addictive. My objective is to pass on the knowledge of of-courseonline to all movement professionals and movement newcomers through of-courseonline.


Her companies are blessed with loyal clients & students that have been with her since 2002. Tanya is committed to offering a warm & inviting environment for all the worldwide oco members & pilates unlimited students. With her tertiary qualifications being in professional dance (ballet, contemporary, spanish & jazz), she has also developed & presented specialized movement & rehabilitation courses to assist health care professionals and other movement professionals in their rehabilitation or training programs.

She has since done numerous movement based courses and qualifications in sa and abroad. She went on to conduct studies by use of an emg & biodex machine in order to put the science behind specific movement & her work. The results and outcomes of the tests were revolutionary. She has inspired & assisted many pilates instructors, personal trainers & physiotherapists to improve their patients or clients results through movement & exercise. Her passion is post education for all movement professionals across the globe.

She has worked in conjunction with numerous health care professionals since 2002, done intensive study of the body & anatomy, presented pilates & post educational courses to many health professionals i.e. Physiotherapists, biokineticists, physical therapists, pilates instructors and health enthusiasts and as well as founded pilates unlimited – the art of movement comprehensive courses, post educational courses, kinetic precision sa and of-courseonline

She has presented courses in sa and abroad to bring the science of kinetic precision to the global movement industry. Her work is world renowned for being innovative, current, professional, and scientific and most importantly… not boring!

Of-CourseOnline Facilitator


I’ve been an instructor since 2008, at Pilates Unlimited since 2009 and still loving it, in actual fact I’m enjoying it more than ever! Sport, exercise and movement has always been part of my lifestyle, for as long as I can remember. While studying a Degree in Officiating and Coaching Science, I did a course in Pilates, after being convinced by a friend. I did not have clue what Pilates was, but thought I’d give it a try anyway and see where the road took me.


Soon after I completed my first course I started teaching and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the fact that I was doing something I enjoy and at the same time making people feel better, happier and healthier. I then decided this is a great career choice!


For many years during my spare time while not at the studio I taught PlayBall and owned a PlayGolf franchise. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the kids, so much so that I completed my Post Graduate Degree in Early Childhood Development. However, in 2017 I decided to sell my franchise and take my Pilates career to new heights. One of the best decisions I have ever made career-wise. I am now a qualified Pilates teacher trainer and course facilitator at Pilates Unlimited and Co-Presenter at Of-CourseOnline for specialized live and online courses.


I am looking forward to a new journey, educating others all around the world about precision in movement and rehabilitation and simply giving fantastic sessions!