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Step by Step Guide to Teaching Relaxation – Help Your Client


This Step-by-step guide to teaching relaxation course, teaches you a step-by-step guide to incorporating relaxation into your programs.

As a Movement Professional, we have a responsibility to

help our clients achieve their optimal physical health. In doing so we can also contribute to their mental wellbeing. People need to feel healthy in their mind, body, and soul. Society, work, family, and past experiences influence your clients’ mindsets, stress levels, and their ability to relax. In this course, I want to provide you with the tools to help your clients destress, relax, and be still. You will have the ability to help them to listen to their body, feel their body, and be aware of their stress levels. Your client will become aware of the sensation of a full body release, and they will notice how desperately they need this in their life.


This course will provide the professional with a step-by-step program to guide their clients through and into relaxation, a stress-free lifestyle and

the tools to listen to their body and give it what it needs in terms of healing and rejuvenation.
It will give the professional;

  • deeper understanding of the science of stress
  • teaching style that promotes relaxation
  • Objectives for a relaxation class
  • The importance of breath and how to improve your clients’ breathing patterns
  • The Science Behind Effective Breathing
  • The importance of focus and silence within a relaxation class
  • The importance of client self-awareness
  • The tools to create a relaxation class that will achieve stress relief
  • 3 Full relaxation classes that you can teach to your clients
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