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Are you searching for a Pilates Reformer that is going to take your Pilates career to the next level? If you have, great, then this is your prime opportunity. If you have not, then we are here to tell you that you are missing out on the incredible Pilates Reformer training that is literally going to change the way you view Pilates, and it is going to offer you an additional value-added service for your clients. Not to mention, that you will earn more as a Pilates Reformer Instructor. The most important aspect of this Pilates Reformer Course is that we merge Science, Pilates Reformer Training, Biomechanics and Client Needs into one course which will help you design and deliver client-specific, goal-driven Pilates Reformer classes that will have you hearing the words “thank you” at work on a daily basis! Now that is priceless!

Perfect For Exercise Professionals & Pilates Instructors Looking To Enhance Their Pilates Offerings

Our Pilates Reformer Course isn’t just for newbies – many of our students are existing Pilates Instructors or exercise professionals like Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers, and Dance Teachers. They study with us to supplement their existing knowledge and bring another layer of expertise to their client care. Please note that before learning the Pilates Reformer Training, you need to have Pilates Mat training under the belt, or at least be busy with it already.
Our science-based approach to the Reformer work creates a deeper understanding of biomechanics, movement, and the rehabilitation properties Pilates Reformer work has to offer. If you’re looking to add a level of outside-the-box thinking to your Pilates classes, our online Pilates Reformer Course is the perfect pick for you.

Is Teaching The Pilates Reformer Calling Your Name? Strengthen Your Pilates Fundamentals While Opening Up More Opportunity In Your Pilates or Exercise Career!

Learn a Pilates Reformer Course where applied anatomy and biomechanics are the foundation of the work. Our Pilates Reformer Course takes Reformer training to an advanced level of understanding. It will enrich your client care and programs, while opening up a stronger income stream for your financial benefit! It is recommended to have completed or be in the process of completing a Pilates Mat Course before attempting your Pilates Reformer Training.


Gyms are equipping themselves with Pilates Reformers, so this is your opportunity to dive into this incredible form of training. Discover unparalleled corrective exercises for your clients, from postural improvement to strength training and everything in between! Offer private, semi-private or group Reformer classes.

Yoga Instructors

Complement your teachings with another wonderful form of mind-body exercise, while expanding your offerings. Offer private, semi-private or group Reformer classes.

Dance Teachers

Dance Teachers make phenomenal Pilates Instructors! Pilates is perfect for achieving the balance between flexibility, strength and performance, and the core aspects of dance. The Pilates Reformer is the perfect match for aspiring dancers to gain strength and stability while pursuing their passion for dance.

Physical Therapists

Want to help your rehab clients regain functional movement post-injury? You’ll be able to use the Pilates Reformer in a myriad of ways that will encourage stability, flexibility and strength for your patients! This value-added service will ensure that your patients return for their recovery programs long-term.

Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Anatomy & Biomechanics And How This Can Easily Be Applied To The Pilates Reformer Training

What makes our Pilates Reformer Course the go-to within the industry?

Next-level details on functional anatomy and biomechanics

Understand the “why” behind the body’s movement… this will revolutionize your teaching!

Zero boring is our motto!

We make all of our workshops fun, engaging, and easy to understand.

Evidence-based course content

Developed in conjunction with EMG testing to ensure you deliver results that are scientifically proven

Understand how to think critically and creatively

Build the tools to help any client who walks through your doors – regardless of their shape, size, or physical history!

Proprietary 5 Factor Teaching Technique

Empowers you to take your skills from theory to practice and become an amazing teacher to your clients.


  • Pre-recorded lectures: We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art lectures with a unique teaching style. Our lectures are sure to keep you engaged and glued to the screen
  • Comprehensive Manual: The Pilates Reformer Manual was developed with all the Reformer Exercise Images and full explanations for each exercise.
  • Observation Videos: We have pre-recorded observation videos that you can use to build up your apprentice observation hours or you can train with the video to build up your Reformer Exercise apprentice hours.
  • Online Assessment: All assessments and exams are submitted directly on the website for your convenience. The exam is comprised of one theory exam and two practical videos (teaching and demonstration video) that you need to submit.
  • Online Support: You will have access to our amazing team who is here to assist you whenever you need it.
  • Apprentice Hours: You will need to obtain: 65 observation hours, 65 teaching hours, 65 practical exercise hours. You can access observation videos and exercise videos via our website. Teaching videos can be done in the comfort of your own home if you have a Pilates Reformer, alternatively, you could approach a studio nearby to rent a Reformer per hour to teach on.

A Fun And Engaging Way To Build The Tools & Techniques You Need For Success

We use professional quality video, comprehensive manuals, summary pages, and quick tests to deliver course content in a fun and easy-to-learn way. With immediate certification upon completion of the course, so you can take the course at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.


Enjoy watching and learning as the high-quality anatomy images appear on your screen and create an amazing learning experience. You will also learn the Pilates Reformer repertoire.

You will start with the Pilates Reformer ONLINE COURSE that comprises on 52 professional videos with your two Comprehensive Manuals which will enable you to take this course with ease. You will also have access to student resources that will guide you in becoming a Top Pilates Instructor who not only knows the Pilates Reformer repertoire but also understands the biomechanics of the body. The content of the Reformer course videos and manuals are as follows:

MODULE 1: the fundamental concepts and practices for the foundation of Pilates Reformer Training

This module covers several important topics, including an overview of the Pilates Reformer and essential safety guidelines to ensure a safe and effective practice. Additionally, you will learn about the five fundamental movement principles that underpin all Pilates Reformer exercises, allowing you to develop a more comprehensive understanding of this unique equipment.

The module also delves into the beginning repertoire of exercises that can be performed on the Reformer, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the different movements and variations. Lastly, you will be introduced to an effective Reformer teaching style, empowering you with the necessary skills to guide others through their Pilates journey.

During the practical component, you will focus on various aspects such as Reformer leg and footwork, spinal articulation, and working with legs in straps. This module sets the stage for further learning and serves as a solid introduction to the Pilates Reformer practice.

MODULE 2:The Biomechanical principles that govern abdominal training

This module delves into the biomechanics principles governing abdominal training, enabling participants to develop a comprehensive understanding of this vital aspect. Through thorough exploration, trainees gain insights into the restrictions and limitations imposed on abdominal training. They learn about the role of levers and body positioning, differentiating and understanding how each impacts abdominal training.

The module also emphasizes the significance of full body integration principles, emphasizing the integration of multiple muscle groups to maximize results and improve a deeper mind-body connection. Additionally, participants are educated about contraindications and precautions associated with abdominal training, promoting safety and preventing injury.

The practical component of Module 2 focuses on Reformer abdominal training and full body integration, allowing trainees to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

MODULE 3: the biomechanics principles necessary for mastering arm and shoulder training

In this module, we delve into the biomechanics principles necessary for mastering arm and shoulder training for optimal results. This module focuses on comprehending the restrictions involved in arm training and differentiating between levers and body positioning when it comes to training the arms effectively.

The progression of arm training on the Pilates Reformer is also explored, providing valuable insights on how to advance arm exercises gradually. In addition, the module covers important contraindications and precautions that need to be considered when engaging in arm training.

The practical aspect of the module involves integrating arms and the entire body during Reformer workouts, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the training regime.

MODULE 4: The biomechanics principles applied to hip training

In this module, we delve into the fascinating world of biomechanics principles applied to hip training. We explore the intricate intricacies of leg training restrictions, analysing how they affect our clients’ overall performance. Moreover, we delve into the intriguing debate of levers versus body positioning in leg training, understanding how small adjustments can make a world of difference.

As we progress through this module, we tackle the vital topic of the progression of leg training on the Pilates Reformer, ensuring our clients receive the most effective and safe workout. It’s essential to also address contraindications and precautions in leg training to ensure the utmost care for our clients’ well-being.

On top of all the theoretical knowledge, we embark on practical sessions to master Reformer Legs and full body integration, enabling us to confidently apply our knowledge in real-life scenarios. This module provides us with invaluable skills to enhance our professional journey and find even greater success in the world of Pilates.

MODULE 5: comprehensive understanding of back and oblique training

In this module, we cover a comprehensive understanding of back and oblique training, exploring biomechanics principles that underpin these exercises. We delve into the biomechanics principles governing various back training techniques, as well as the essential principles behind oblique training. Additionally, we discuss contraindications and precautions to be mindful of while engaging in back and oblique training, ensuring safe and effective practice. An important aspect is understanding the restrictions that may apply when it comes to back and oblique training, and how to utilize levers and body positioning to optimize these exercises. The module also focuses on the progression of back and oblique training specifically on the Pilates Reformer.


The ultimate goal is for you to successfully finish the Pilates Reformer ONLINE Course and the assessments in order to obtain your Pilates Reformer Qualification. Once accomplished, you’ll have the chance to work in a professional Pilates studio or even establish your own Pilates studio. And let’s not overlook the incredible opportunity to teach online, which means the possibilities are endless!

Strengthening the clients functionally will be your main objective and through doing this course, you will be able to create programs on the Pilates Reformer that will reach your client’s goals.


In order for you to be able to sign up for the Pilates Reformer Course, we require you to have completed our Pilates Mat Course, or an equivalent Pilates Mat Course through your previous Pilates Course Educator.

Yes, we encourage you to dive into our Pilates Reformer course if you are looking for information that dives deeper into the Pilates Reformer Repertoire, the biomechanics, modifications and client specific contraindications. This course will give you the information that you have been searching for to take your Pilates Reformer classes to the next level.

If you are wanting to find the best form of post injury exercise training for your patients, to get them to reach full recovery, then this course is absolutely perfect for you. We have a reputation for helping Health Care Professionals, such as yourself, dive deeper into patient specific rehab training and this is exactly where it starts. Not to mention the additional benefit that you will obtain from the All-Inclusive Reformer Package where we address programs for SIJ, Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Shoulder injuries, Knee injuries and more.

To learn something new can be daunting. But we really do have a knack for uniquely teaching information. This is not your average ‘lecture’. You will be learning in an interactive way that has amazing visuals, relatable explanations and humour. In fact, many of our students say ‘Hey Tanya, I love this training, it actually feels like you are in the room with me, even my 3-year-old calls you by name’ OR as one of our students also said ‘You know you have chosen a great teacher when you can laugh with them through the video
trainings! Love how much fun the Pilates Reformer Training is!’

The one thing about our course is that we make anatomy fun, and easy to understand and we relate it immediately to real moving people. Anatomy is now going to get some real meaning for you when you see how we teach it. You are going to have so many ‘Ah-ha’ moments. Just leave the anatomy part to us and you sit back and enjoy how awesome anatomy and biomechanics is about to become. 

If you don’t love it, which we highly doubt, then take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee. We will definitely be sad to see you go but at least we had the opportunity to meet you and introduce you to the Pilates Reformer.

Firstly, we totally understand your concern because only recently has Online Learning become so popular. But guess what? We were already doing it before everyone else was doing it. We did both in-person and online because we had so many people from all over the world ask us how they could access our Pilates Course. They wanted to learn our course specifically so we made it happen and now we are super excited that we can add the Reformer course to our repertoire.

Pilates is the most adaptable form of exercise to date. So, when you dive into our training, you will see that you can teach pretty much anyone of any age. You will see that all our additional courses and resources are included with the Pilates Reformer Course. You might feel that you like a specific target market and we will guide you into becoming the best teacher in the market that you choose.

The Pilates Reformer Course is pre-recorded so you can do it as quickly or as slowly as you like. This fits in perfectly with busy schedules or completely open schedules. Most students complete the Pilates Reformer Course within 6 months to a year depending on their schedules.

No, we provide you with observation hours on our Student Portal and we provide you with regular webinars which are open to our students to ask questions. We also offer Private Tutoring with one of our Professional Presenters and Instructors. This will also count towards your apprentice hours that you need to accumulate. If you choose to do it entirely at home, you will need a reformer. We offer email, telephonic, FB and WhatsApp support.

You just need to be YOU! People are drawn to various individuals because their life, body or mind speaks similar languages. There are billions of bodies in this world and saying that there is a stereotype for Pilates Instructors is Archaic.  Some people were blessed with great legs, others with great minds, others with great arms, others with amazing abilities to move, and others with a desire to help. All of these set the stage for a great instructor.

When doing any Fitness or Pilates Course, you need to accumulate hours of experience before completing your course. This will ensure that you are ready and fully prepared when you start teaching at a studio or when you start teaching at your own studio. It helps you obtain specific skills that are required for teaching Pilates. The apprentice hours include:

  • 65 Practical Observation hours. These can be done on our website inside the course in the Observation Hours module – These are to be noted on the Apprentice Sheet Provided in the course
  • 65 Teaching Hours. These can be done at your home, in a studio or online. These are to be noted on the Apprentice Sheet Provided in the course
  • 65 Practical Exercise Hours. . This can be done at another facility or by doing the classes on the Observation Hours Module. These are to be noted on the Apprentice Sheet Provided in the course

Certified Reformer Trainer
Please note that you also receive a certificate every time you complete one of our Continuing Educational Courses on our website. Therefore, you can walk away with over 35 certificates. Pretty impressive when applying for a job!

The Pricing for this course is as follows:
$99 USD for 13 months OR $1190.75 Once off


Sign Up Today and Become a Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor

Monthly Subscription

$99 USD x 13 Months

Once-Off Payment Option

$1190.75 USD

Monthly Subscription

$99 USD x 13 Months

Once-Off Payment Option

$1190.75 USD

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