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Functional Anatomy
and Biomechanics

Immerse yourself into Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics

As a movement professional, it is vital that you have a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body.


With 22 years of experience and intensive research, the Spinal Stability Protocol will help you create amazing spinal programs that will take your clients restrictions into account and help them achieve better results!

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Of-CourseOnline is dedicated to bringing you amazing courses that will keep you inspired, informed and educated within the movement, rehabilitation and exercise industry. Tired of repeating the same repertoire, ideas or methods in all of your sessions? We are here to feed your soul, body and mind with state of the art courses.

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Spine, shoulders, hips, knees, osteoarthritis, SIJ, our online courses have it all.

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Your Client’s Longevity

Lead your clients to functional joint health & Longevity through your client specific programs.

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Study through us in the Comfort of your own home with our Manuals, Summary Pages & Immediate Certificates.

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