Online Continuing Education Made Quick & Easy with a Carefully Constructed Learning Path!
Anytime, Anywhere!
Online Continuing Education Made Quick and Easy with a Carefully Constructed Learning Path! Anytime, Anywhere!

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We have helped thousands of exercise professionals to upskill their teaching ability and their biomechanical knowlege

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Instantly Boost your Career with our Easy to Follow Learning Path

Embark on your journey to success with our easy to follow SUCCESS PATH that comprises of 6 levels covering: functional anatomy and biomechanics, client assessment and teaching skills, joint specific training, training various pathologies, special populations and business development.


We've custom-developed a 6-level success path

That will fast-track your learning and Help Keep You Accountable

Anatomy & Biomechanics

In this crucial stage, we dive headfirst into the remarkable world of functional anatomy and biomechanics. 

Client Assessment & Teaching Skills

In level 2, we will guide you towards mastering your assessment skills and refining your teaching abilities. 

Joint-Specific Training

In level 3 of your success path, we delve into the realm of joint-specific training.

Training Pathologies

In this stage of your training, we delve into the fascinating world of training pathologies.

Special Populations

In this level, we delve into the nuances of teaching various special populations.

Business Development

In this level, we will dive into the business side of your career, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed.

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Many of our courses are ACE approved and we are partnered with the American Council on Exercise. We are also accredited with the HPCSA (Health Professionals Council of South Africa). If there is an accreditation body that you would like us to consider, please contact us via our contact page. Alternatively, we offer petition letters for all of the certificate-based courses and we offer petition letters for the shorter educational videos to

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