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In this course you will learn how to safely teach your active ageing clients without exacerbating possible degeneration or existing pathologies. All active agers are not the same and therefore if you work through many of the courses and videos on this website you will find more options in training this special population. The fundamentals of training the elderly is covered in this course. We look at what their challenges could be, what the precautions are when training them and what the objectives for their programs should be. Watch as we teach an elderly lady (80+) by modifying and assisting numerous exercises. Learn what their restrictions are and how you can design a program that can improve their overall wellbeing.


This course enables you, the professional, to teach your active ageing clients with various options, load varieties and precautions in mind. You will learn:

  • a program that covers the fundamental goals of teaching the active agers
  • how to address their needs without placing them in uncomfortable positions or expecting them to perform movements that are contraindicated for them
  • how to modify and assist with various exercises and therefore be able to meet the client’s needs
  • a modified teaching style that helps you connect to the client in order to deliver a successful class for this specific population
  • effective cues that you can use for each exercise
  • the importance of crossing the midline for this special population
  • the importance of balance for this special population
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