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In this course we look at how you can comfortably train your hypermobile clients while taking their restrictions and heightened anxiety into account.  The fundamentals of safe and efficient training for hypermobility are addressed in this course. You will learn the theory behind hypermobility, and you will watch as we train a hypermobile lady in order to encourage strength and stability with all of the necessary precautions in mind.

How To Effectively Train Clients With Hypermobility For Powerful Results


This course enables you, the professional, to teach an effective hypermobility-based session that will encourage better alignment and functional strength within the body. You will learn:

  • how to assess your client’s level of hypermobility
  • all precautionary measures needed when training hypermobile clients
  • the objectives and chosen outcomes that you want to achieve when designing a hypermobility-based program
  • a deeper understanding of how hypermobility affects the joints, organs, anxiety levels and tendons.
  • how to teach a program that is outcome based for hypermobility stability
  • a safe hypermobility-based exercise program
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