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This is course covers the fundamentals of what we as Fitness and Movement Professionals are trying to help our clients achieve. It is important that there is purpose in each of our classes and that we keep these basic fundamentals of health and wellbeing in mind. We delve into the basic objectives of living a healthy lifestyle and why exercise and mindful training is so important. You can use this information to educate your clients during each class that they do with you, just reiterating specific points of healthy living.


Clients need a better awareness of what their wellness goals should be, especially when they are attending exercise classes. This course was designed to help you educate your clients on what is required to obtain optimal health. You will learn:

  • the importance of the mind-body connection and how to improve this
  • clear objectives that all clients should strive for, regardless of their needs
  • a simple way to teach your clients the basic movement principals so that they are able to do exercises with purpose
  • a simple way to teach them shoulder and hip health and why this is important for their daily movements
  • the daily stressors that are creating havoc on your clients’ lives
  • just through bringing in additional education, your client will train more efficiently
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