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Do you want to upskill right now and become a highly knowledgeable Pilates Instructor? Our Pilates Mat Course focuses on the merging of science and Pilates therefore, bringing a deeper knowledge and understanding of movement to this work. Our Pilates Mat course is approved by the American Council on Exercise, and we are partnered with them to offer their professionals an opportunity to upskill their career. If you are looking for that next level in your training and qualifications, which allows you the opportunity to help your clients reach their ultimate state of wellbeing and longevity, then becoming a Pilates Instructor is the perfect fit for you.


This online course was professionally filmed to bring you the very best of our work to ensure that our students have access to all that is required in order to obtain a Top-Quality Pilates certification. The course covers: Pilates theory, anatomy in movement, postures, movement principles, client specific training, modifications, contraindications, basic to advanced Pilates repertoire with a comprehensive breakdown of each exercise, teaching techniques and so much more.

You will follow the online course that comprises of 27 professional lecturing videos with your two Comprehensive Manuals which will enable you to take this course with ease. You will also have access to a private student portal which will provide you with additional downloads, videos, guidance videos and documents to help you successfully qualify as a Pilates instructor.

Once all the criteria are met and your exams are complete, you will be a qualified Pilates Instructor who can teach Pilates classes as a career. A new career is one simple click away!

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