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Take Note

Please ensure you have downloaded your manuals.
You can download it on another device or print it, to follow along with the course. 

Don't forget to make notes.

You can access the OBSERVATION VIDEOS and APPRENTICE DOCUMENTS at any time during this course


Learning Path

The Best Pilates Mat Certification Course – 170 hours

Welcome to the Pilates Mat Certification Course

As you settle into the starting blocks, I would like to assure you that you are at the right place, doing the right thing at exactly the right time; NOW!

You are starting on a brand-new journey of discovering a new passion for movement, gaining knowledge of the body, Pilates repertoire and how the body acts and reacts while in movement, the do’s and don’ts of teaching and so much more. You have just taken the biggest leap into your future as a lover of movement; loving what you do even more and getting all the information and guidance to be the instructor who stands out in the crowd.

  1. Print your How To Guide, Theory manual & Practical manual (Pilates Repertoire).
  2. This course has 5 modules
  3. Each module is made up of theory and practical work and each module consists of 4 – 6 videos
  4. The first 3 videos of each module are always theory, so have your Theory Manual ready. Each video is marked clearly in your Theory Manual, making it easy to follow
  5. The final 2 – 3 videos of each module are where you will learn the Pilates Repertoire, so have your Practical Manual ready. Each video is marked clearly in your Practical Manual
  6. Each video is between 35mintes to 75minutes long so please ensure that you have set time aside to watch a full video
  7. You can do this course in your own time. Just ensure that you have a good internet connection
  8. If you ended halfway through a video, please make a note as to where you stopped

You will watch a total of 27-course Videos.
You can go back and watch videos again to review them – In fact, we recommend this, especially in Module 5.
Watching Module 5 more than once and implementing it, will be highly beneficial for your practical exam submissions.
The more you watch them, the more all of the puzzle pieces will fall into place.

Please note

Use the How To Guide attached on the left to guide you through the process

  • The pass rate is 70% on each submission.
  • Should you be unsuccessful in one part of the exam, you would only need to re-do that part
  • You have to do the Theory Exam First before attempting the Practical Exam
  • For Practical Submissions and Feedback – Please allow a 4 – 6-week period to receive our feedback and results
  • If you have questions or require clarity on anything, select the SUPPORT page
  • Please watch your submission videos before you submit, to ensure you are happy with it.
  • Ensure you are well prepared and not rushing through it
  • Please only use the Pilates Repertoire as taught in the course for the purpose of these exam submissions. Refer back to Module 5 and your Exercise Breakdown Manual.

How do I Submit My Practical Submissions?

You will upload your videos via the Final Steps Module of the course. You can go in at any time to view the submission requirements.
To prepare for the exams, please go to the YOUTUBE PLAYLIST below.


It is always helpful to review Module 5 again before filming your final submission videos to ensure you are doing the right thing.
Record yourself exercising and teaching so that you can analyze your videos and replicate or work on areas you find need work. When you are ready to submit, we will be able to see you and your client and hear both of you. We will also notice compensations and how you fix them. If you need clarification or guidance, please email us at [email protected].

Pilates Mat Certification
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