Amazing Lower Abdominals

LOWER ABDOMINAL ACTIVATION plays a vital role in spinal & hip stability!

The abdominals are often viewed as a group and therefore the isolation of pelvis & lumbar spine is difficult to achieve. In this course we look at:

  • Compensations that occur due to an inactive lower abdominal area.
  • The importance of lower abdominal activation for posture improvement.
  • The importance of lower abdominal activation for efficient hip disassociation.
  • The importance of lower abdominal activation for hip flexor – abdominal co-ordination.
  • New innovative lower abdominal activation exercises.
  • The incorporation of closed chain lower abdominal training.
  • Lower abdominal strength training.

We leap out of the box to create an amazing Lower abdominal program that can be used for toning, functional training & rehabilitation.

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This course is designed to provide the professional with a comprehensive LOWER ABDOMINAL program that will enable your client or patient to connect to their LOWER ABDOMINALS as well as strengthen them efficiently without any compensations.

Lower abdominal activation is felt to different degrees in this course whereby there is a build-up of activation versus strength training. It forms a vital part of any exercise training! 



PLEASE NOTE: There is NO CPD allocation for this course but there is a test & certificate.

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