Tibial Torsion & Relevant Compensations – Recorded Webinar

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Are you clients or patients prone to Tibial Torsion and what would the long-term consequences be?

In this video we will take a look at the challenges that we are faced with when it comes to Tibial Torsion in the Pilates Studio, Gym, Rehab facility, Dance Studio and when doing any kind of sport.


Step 1: What is the status of the Pelvic Tilt?

Step 2: What is the Favored Hip Rotation?

Step 3: What is the Natural Knee Alignment?

Step 4: What are your clients Functional Movements?

Step 5: How would you approach Tibial Torsion in your Facility?

Step 6: Do you need Load to Address Tibial Torsion?

Step 7: What Tools do you need in your Toolbox?

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