The Positive Effect Of The Lumbar Erector Spinae On The Rectus Femoris

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Alignment seems to be a controversial topic. But what if we showed you how powerful a small tweak of improving alignment can be on the Rectus Femoris using an EMG! Not only will the EMG show you results, but you will feel it for sure! Could we doubt the obvious, the sensation and the feeling or would we be gaslighting ourselves by saying ‘the results are fake?’ This week we will take a look at how we can effectively mobilize and train the Quadriceps in the Pilates Studio, Gym and when doing any kind of sport.

Our Vitality Depends on This!


Step 1: What is the more prominent pelvic tilt position?

Step 2: What is the Lumbar Spines constant seated state?

Step 3: What is the lumbar back extensors ability to work concentrically?

Step 4: What is the current state of our quadricep tone?

Step 5: What is the flexibility of the Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings?

Step 6: What is the clients ‘go to’ hip rotation?

Step 7: What load are you using?

Step 8: Do you incorporate Isometric and Isotonic training?

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