Shoulder Stabilization & Precision in Rehabilitation For Improved Joint Health

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This Shoulder Stabilization course is one of our original shoulder courses and dives into the anatomy of the shoulder and how negative movement patterns correlate to the EMG tests that we have conducted on the shoulder in movement. This is where our journey started to merge science to shoulder training. You will see numerous shoulder related courses on our website and each course has new valuable information and techniques to add to your shoulder stability toolbox.


This course will teach you, the professional, the theory and practical on how to implement shoulder stability training with ease into your programs while being able to assess compensations.

You will learn:

  • the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder
  • the relationship between the agonist and antagonists on the shoulder
  • how it feels when you do correct and incorrect movement on your own shoulder
  • how to demonstrate the positive and negative shoulder movement
  • the cues to use when training the shoulder
  • tactile training and cues that work
  • the results of our EMG tests that were performed on the shoulder in motion
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