Easy 30-Minute Hip Home Program For Incredible Hip Health

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Learn an easy 30-minute hip home exercise program that you can teach in your facility or give your clients to do at home. This program is based on improving their functional hip movements through developing their hip strength, stability, and mobility.

This course offers you an additional program that you can use in conjunction with their other training and therefore, speed up their results. This hip home program is easy to follow, and the exercises cover all of the aspects required to obtain hip dissociation and stability during functional movement. It is safe for all ages and all abilities.

Easy 30-Minute Hip Home Program For Incredible Hip Health


This course provides you with an additional 30-minute hip focused class to help your clients achieve stronger more functional hips faster. You will learn:

  • The full 30-minute program
  • The cues to use to teach the exercises effectively
  • How to assess and avoid the compensations that might occur when performing the exercises
  • The objective for each exercise
  • The biomechanics of each exercise
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