The movement SECRET🌟

movement secret

20 years later and there is still a huge gap in the market for Precision in Movement. So what is the movement secret?


  • We do know our anatomy. 
  • We do know the repertoire. 
  • We do know which muscles should be working.
  • We do know that we have to look at alignment. 
  • We do know that we need to focus on compensations. 
  • We correct the clients all the time.

…..but SOMETHING IS MISSING! That very fine detail of what makes this movement PERFECT? 

We teach either: 

  • Pilates
  • Personal training
  • Boot camp
  • Yoga
  • TRX….and the list goes on…

All of which should be great for us right? But still, Something is MISSING! What more do we have to offer our clients?… Surely that which we promise them, HEALTH!!!!

We hear and read of the MIND-BODY connection and we do think that we are doing it.… But something is still missing. 

We go ahead and start new exciting classes at our facility and bring in new forms of training…but still, something is missing!

We speak of alignment in training for injury prevention but when we ourselves demonstrate… do we demonstrate it perfectly or has our mind-body connection gone off kilter?

We speak of a perfect front support or plank and yet when we teach it… it is not evident that we have understood what we have just said ourselves!

We speak of perfect shoulder stability and yet when we teach it, our clients may not be stabilizing perfectly but we cannot see it or we see it but do not know how to correct it

We speak of hip stability but when it is taught the client is not responding well to the exercise or compensations are occurring. Do we know exactly why these occurred and what WE AS PROFESSIONALS need to do to fix it? 

We speak of spinal rehabilitation and how we can fix spines or improve pain but do we have a visual of what is happening inside the spine as the client moves? If not then we should not be teaching spinal rehabilitation. 

The question is?

  1. What does perfect movement feel like?
  2. How much effort is required?
  3. Can you do it yourself?
  4. Can you see ALL compensations and immediate relate it to the individual in front of you?
  5. Do you understand weight placement when in ANY position?
  6. Are you aware of the challenges for over-weight clients and how to overcome them?
  7. What does perfect hip stability really look like?
  8. What are ALL OF THE CHEATS?
  9. What does perfect shoulder stability look like?
  10. What are all of the CHEATS?

There is a huge gap for fantastic movement and this is really what will carry us to old age. We hear functional training and when we see it, we think…‘Is that really FUNCTIONAL?’ It seems extreme or the form is poor!

This ‘Missing element’ is very seldom present by nobody’s fault besides:

  • a lack of information,
  • a difficulty in understanding the most important elements of movement,
  • a stubborn nature or
  • purely just not being educated sufficiently.

BUT what if we could better ourselves as teachers? That should be our priority because the day you stop learning and evolving is the day your career dies⬇️.

Are you prepared for that?

You know your anatomy…GREAT! But do you know how to apply what you have learnt to an individual?

Herewith lies a HUGE MISSING LINK!

Pure movement, precise movement, compensation correction and client specific training for rehabilitation and sports enhancement is missing. But even this statement is unclear. To uncover it all will take a 1 million page book. 

Of-CourseOnline is dedicated to Finding the MISSING LINKS in it all. 

That is our main objective. Every single course is dedicated to making you as the professional amazing. Not only by giving you great movement ideas, but by teaching you EXACTLY HOW TO APPLY WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNT.

Our approach is extremely unique and it WILL TAKE YOU TEACHING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. If we can teach you something new today…then today was an AMAZING day for us!



Tanya Thompson – CEO: Of-CourseOnline


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