TFL, stop cheating for the Gluteus Medius!


This concept is so simple that if we were able to master it, we would eliminate so many hip and spinal injuries.

What is going on with the gluteus medius? Why is it struggling to work efficiently?

It is simple:

  1. Most of our daily movements require hip flexion more than hip extension.
  2. We also don’t seem to activate our gluteals against any substantial resistance.
  3. Our postures are deteriorating to the point that our hip stabilizers are constantly in a chilled state. 
  4. Our pelvic position is contributing to a release in the hip stabilizers.

To understand this a bit better, click here to view a short video clip.

Through EMG testing we have also seen how the TFL would dominate in hip abduction or hip stability especially if the pelvis went into a slight anterior pelvic tilt. This would inevitably lead to knee problems as the time progresses and this negative movement pattern is repeated. Long distance running or sitting for long periods of time are two of the main culprits of this imbalance and due to this you will find that people are running fit but generally lack stability of the pelvis, hips and spine.


If you look above you will see how the hips are flexed, this will lead to the hip being used to this position and therefore the muscles that would produce the opposite movement will now be stretched. This leads to an inability of concentric work in the opposing muscles and therefore weak hip stability and dominant TFL will occur.

The good news is that it can all be reversed through focused client specific training whereby we take the pelvic tilt and habitual movements into consideration. Closed chain gluteus maximus and gluteus medius work in hip flexion is introduced to target the posterior muscles and fibres of these muscles. 

Working in this manner will take your results to the next level!

Try this video today: TFL vs Glute Med

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!


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