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Doesn’t it make you wanna cry?

Oh my Soul!!! So here we sit in a world where we are caught between trying to understand how people think or why they don’t think?

Think of all of the people you deal with on a daily basis. From going to the shops, to going to work, to going home, to going to home affairs, to going to the garage, to buying something online, to just about anything.

People are everywhere and this is okay. But are you accepting the fact that you may have to spoon-feed about 70% of all the people you meet or get to deal with on a daily basis? What has happened to something called common sense? Well it doesn’t really exist does it?

Common sense is cultivated in children so if you do not have it, it was cause you were never expected or taught how to use it. Where did the word common sense even come from?

Common sense was originally proposed by Aristotle whereby he related it to the capability of the animal soul. Here he refers to our senses being able to perceive physical things. The second use for the term common sense has more of a Roman influence whereby they refer to it as ‘human sensitivity towards other humans, their environment and their community’. Now that makes more sense. This is the one we deal with daily!

Due to a lack of the latter we have ended up with a community that is in dire need of being spoon-fed and in failing to do so, we will end up with chaos! But this article is not about the person being fed but rather about the ‘feeder’. The frustration, the motivation, the patience, the repetition that they have to endure can be extremely draining. I know for me personally, it drove me absolutely insane to say the same things over and over. Not only was that draining but the mere disappointment in the fact that people do not all see things the same and do not understand things the same even when it is pertinently clear that the option that I am discussing is the right option for the situation with the best outcome. Wow, what a mouthful! Now, make no mistake, I am not a black and white kind of person. I believe in many grey areas, but hells bells, there is not light grey or dark grey or pink or blue. The most frustrating part of spoon-feeding is seeing what I call the ‘dead face’. When the person being fed give your the ‘dead face’ you wanna say to them ‘Did you hear me, did you register, are you computing it now, are you sleeping or are you totally lost?’.

Ok, so we can go on and on and on about this, but what are we to do about it?

Firstly if you are being fed, then start making a concerted effort to get some energy, drink a tonic and just do something to show those around you that you are with the program. Do a little more, make a bit more effort and most importantly, if you want to have a positive outcome on people then enable them to give you positive feedback by being assertive. Think about others a bit more, be present. Yes, that old saying that you read everywhere on every mindful quote…..BE PRESENT! Don’t be the cause for frustration at home, school, in the shops or at work. Maybe on your time off, sit and see whether you have covered all your bases. Think about what happened today and what is going to happen tomorrow and what you need to deal with in the best possible way that will have a ‘Oh my word, he/she has covered all bases possible and I have not leg to stand on with regards to wanting to complain. This person is amazing’! Or ‘This is the best service I have ever received and it is all thanks to you!’ Those are the words that I personally wanna hear.

If people keep repeating themselves with the same info to you, are you blaming THEM or YOU? Respect others and if at all possible convert from a person that is fed to a feeder!

For the feeders, I feel your pain. But, I want to tell you something that is fundamental for your mental health. No more anxiety or irritation…..but it is going to take a lot from you. Today make the decision to accept the fact that you cannot change everyone especially if they feel that there is nothing to change. Accept the fact that you are the feeder and be GRATEFUL  that you are not being fed! Be grateful that you were given the tools to think logically, that you were given commons sense from whoever, whenever and STOP trying to change others. Accept that there are feeders and eaters. Just make sure that they swallow and then all will run smoothly. Sometimes if you want something done, you need to dish up, feed and help with peristalsis. But the result will be what you were hoping for and what you knew had common sense written all over it.

So STOP, take NOTE, and ask yourself. Are you are feeder or are you fed?

This answer will have serious repercussions for your future as a human being who is involved in any meaningful or professional relationships.

For those of you who are left repeating yourself and guiding others constantly, be grateful. You are playing a vital role in the world of today and accept the fact that this will never change. Seriously, accept it! And feed with a smile on your face. You might just feed someone that really wants to learn more or wants to do things differently, then you are making a positive change in someones life. But for the most part of it, it is really there to just get things done in a way that just makes sense.

Ouch – The healthy truth!


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