Set your shoulders FREE part .2.


In the previous blog we spoke about the importance of FREE MOVEMENT for successful shoulder stability. However, how easy is it to achieve free movement in the gleno-humeral joint? 

What is the inhibiting factor that exists within the human being that restricts us from ever achieving freedom when performing functional shoulder movements?

The answer is ‘OUR OWN MIND’. Is your own mind affecting your rehabilitation? This is a sensitive subject because nobody wants to admit that they are emotionally stressed, sensitive, depressed, anxious, negative or even emotionally unstable. But even so, what role would this mind set play on the rehabilitation of any joint in the body, more specifically the shoulder joint? 

Answer: A humongous, ginormous, astronomical role. In fact, it makes rehabilitation virtually impossible.

If you take a look at your nervous system, this system keeps pretty much everything going within the body. From the organs, to the digestive system, to movement of the joints and the list goes on and on. When the body is under stress, the nervous system is affected and therefore every single area that the nervous system innovates is also affected. Read more on what the American Psychological Association has to say about stress within the body here! After reading this you will see that it is pretty clear that if we are stressed, we are slightly ‘buggered’.

We are not going deal with anything else now besides the rehabilitation of the shoulder joint. So here goes!

Holding any type of emotional tension or stress directly affects the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper back. This in turn makes it impossible to achieve free movement. You might achieve it for a short moment. But when you walk out of the door of the studio where you were training and real life hits you in the back like it always does, then everything your instructor just did with you goes to the dogs.  So now the instructor is in a catch 22. They know they need to stabilize your shoulders but they are going to get less desirable results if you are not able to ‘chill out’!

Ok so here is a little bit of science !

The area of the subconscious mind, holds all of our habits, be they good or bad. So what if your body has a habit of being stressed. What if your personality is of such a nature that you are always anxious, stressed or you are even a perfectionist? This is not something that is easily changed. That would mean that you are constantly storing this pattern within your body just about everywhere. When the instructor says ‘Relax and move freely in your socket‘, your body is saying ‘Sorry, no can do!’ The deep seeded habit of always being stressed is so set within your body that relaxation is impossible, and therefore free movement is impossible. So the instructor gets it right for a few minutes in the session only for you to walk out of the class and still do things the way you always have done them and to think of things the way you have always thought of them. Ouch! So where to from here?

Ok, so you need to know that it WILL NOT get better if you do not repeat the new habit that you want your body to achieve, over and over again. So yes, you will have homework. But this is the type of homework that we would all love to have..RELAXATION…MEDITATION…..

This cannot be done once or twice a week, it needs to be done every single day! The only homework that you need to do at home is free movement, deep breathing to activate the Vagus Nerve, and neck, shoulder and thoracic mobilization. Easier said than done. It is not that easy to relax or to do free movement. It is a mission, a mind shift and takes serious concentration if it is not part of your personal make up. 

For the instructors it is safe to say that before you get them moving with resistance, first get them to:

  1. Relax and I mean reeeaaalllaaaxxx.
  2. Get them mobilized with relaxation.
  3. Get them doing free movement with stability.
  4. Explain to them how their stress levels are countering the rehabilitation that you are trying to do with them. 
  5. Give them relaxation homework.

Once they have achieved this, only now can you start rehabilitation the shoulder with low load resistance. Try this video and make it part of their daily routine.

Then take the plunge and do my Shoulder stabilization, precision and rehabilitation course and really get the answers to your stability questions. See it on real people, compare it on real people and become as passionate about the shoulder as I am.

Remember, your personality type and stress levels will hinder any rehabilitation process that we endeavor to do. Do it right from the word go.

Join us at Of-CourseOnline where precision in movement is our passion. Of-CourseOnline is dedicated to bringing all movement modalities together with the ultimate goal being REAL GLOBAL WELLNESS for ULTIMATE LONGEVITY!

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!


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