Retreating through teaching!


I had the privilege of taking 15 of our clients on a beautiful Pilates Retreat in Mpumalanga here is South Africa.

I had a vision in mind for this retreat. The focus was;

  • De-stress completely.
  • Education of this amazing vehicle which carries them everywhere, the body.
  • Letting them in on their instructors thought patterns when they are instructing / teaching them.
  • Giving them a small taster of how meditation can enhance their quality of life.
  • Delicious food to enhance the experience.
  • Great company.
  • Secluded Accommodation in the middle of nowhere with amazing viewS and outdoor activities.
  • An atmosphere that makes them feel special  with Himalayan salt lamps, air purifiers and friendly staff.
  • Roaring fire places.


And just basically bringing them back to earth where they can hear the wind blowing through the trees, smell the pine cones after the rain, listen to the crackling fire and interact with like-minded people.

The bonus was that we had no cell-phone signal. So technology took a back seat!

I do not know who enjoyed it more, the clients or the instructors? The sound of laughter filled the air throughout the day. Dinner time the tears were rolling down our cheeks and not because of sadness but because of happiness.

The most rewarding part of this retreat was seeing how much they had learnt and improved in just 2 days of being in this environment. I felt like I had achieved what I had set out to achieve. Mission accomplished:

  • The Art of Relaxation – done. I was amazed at how they all absorbed the need to relax and just went with the flow. By the first day I had clients sleeping in the pine forest on Pilates mats. By the second day they were draped on the wooden floor in front of the fire place with eyes closed just listening to the surrounding noises.
  • Making new friends – done. Meeting new people and getting to interact and talk about stuff other than work was achieved through laughter, good conversation, long walks in the forest, rowing on the dam or just merely drinking a glass of wine and chilling.
  • Educating them on their body, how it moves, what they should be focusing one, why we say the things we say in class, what we are looking at when they move, how the mind connects to movement and how to really take care of this vehicle to prevent all kinds of injuries.
  • A relaxed and welcoming environment through the venue that we chose and the set up on the cabins. We were so blessed to have chosen the Lakenvlei Forest Lodge in Mpumalanga. The service was excellent, the rooms were stunning, the views were amazing, the food was out of the world delicious and the staff was super friendly.
  • No technology. I was so pleased that we were forced away from our phones and laptops because signal is so incredibly bad there. It was a God send.
  • Laughter. The amount of laughter heard throughout the day was contagious. There were moments where we were unable to breath due to the amount of laughter. Tears were rolling down our cheeks, making for some amazing moments.


What some of our stunning clients had to say:

  • Tx guys, it was absolutely amazing, Lelane.
  • Fully agree, I can still hear the wind through the trees…Thx you one and all, Michael.
  • It was fantastic, how about a couples retreat, Ilse.
  • Dit was great, het baie geleer, dankie. Ons is volgende jaar weer daar. Elfra.
  • Thank you again Tanya and  your team for a really enjoyable retreat. Anna
  • Thanks everyone, a great weekend! Kate.
  • Thank you everyone! Weekend was great fun. Looking forward to the next one. Lameez.
  • The retreat was great! I enjoyed it immensely! Looking forward to the next one in March. Zora.

My heart is filled with happiness as we saw the improvement of movement, posture, education and relaxation in these 15 clients. I never knew how it was going to turn out. It was a risk. But the reward was so much better than the risk.

The Pilates Retreat ‘Grandfather’ group was born!

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH. 


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