Is my Instructor Perfect?

I know what it feels like to feel like a hypocrite sometimes.

You, the instructor, have every single intention of giving your body the same love and attention as you do for your clients but somehow, there is often something that gets in the way.

Maybe it is running your business, maybe it is fatigue, maybe you just don’t have the time, maybe you oversleep every single day or maybe you just don’t feel motivated enough to train. The worst part of it all is that you of all people know how good exercise is for you and if you were the client, you would tell yourself ‘you need to get moving’!

With this comes the guilt of not practicing what you are preaching and trust me when I say that most of us are guilty of this. Especially when we are under pressure and trying to manage life, kids, work and following our dreams.

Can you hear yourself say ‘Tomorrow I am definitely starting my exercise routine again! I know I need it’?

That conflict of spirit really plays havoc on your wellbeing.

Your clients think you are perfect, super strong and totally capable of doing just about anything. Do you ever look at your clients and think, ‘Damn, I think you are stronger than I am right now?’

Here’s the thing;

  • We are not perfectly strong and flexible
  • We have our own injuries
  • We get tired
  • We often need to motivate ourselves to train
  • We don’t always eat the best food
  • We don’t always drink enough water
  • We do gain weight
  • We also find excuses not to train

And we deal with daily life too….. whatever that may bring.

Right now I am sitting with a serious ankle injury that I injured 2 months adgo by missing a step in my house and guess what? I still have not seen the doctor. I know it is not just an ankle sprain, so two months later, I have now made an appointment to see the doc for the obvious X-Rays.

Why only 2 months later?

Because everything else was more important than my foot that I have to walk on forever… or did I make everything else more important?

So while reading this, remember that you are not alone on your journey of finding balance in your own life. You are not the only one who goes through fantastic training bouts and then a severe training drought.

Life Happens, so we just need to take a chill pill and embrace the amazing moments that happen when we change our clients lives and the amazing feeling when we dive into our own training knowing that a break in routine is OK!

Happy Normal Day

Tanya Thompson, CEO of and Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement


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