From learning comes Great Reward!


When I was studying in 1998, I knew that I had a passion for the human body. I knew that I loved to dance, but I never knew that this passion would develop into something that would see me through the next 18 years. It grew and it grew and it grew……to the point where I wanted to know more and more. Any book that I could read on the human body I would read. Any article that caught my attention would be read instantly and so I developed this passion for the human body in movement.

Today the world is booming with healthy care professionals, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors and many more. Who do you go to? Who is legit? Will you be getting your monies worth? This is what the public is asking themselves. I asked myself that question over and over.

The booming industry is awesome but it also means that we get some fly-by-night ‘professionals’ who can cause immense damage to their clients if they are not in tune with what is really going on. That is a chronic problem and is not going to go away!

So here is a quick read on what is really important, and what should be a focus for everyone within the movement industry.

We do not know it all, but we can sure as hell try and know as much as possible. This will put you on a level of expertise that will surpass your own expectations. 

The mind that is strong, intelligent, kind and willing to learn, is the mind that can accomplish anything!

As soon as you make the choice to stop learning, you have put yourself above everyone else or you have made the decision to live a life of mundane tasks, thoughts and repetition. I choose not to live like this.

Education is vital for progression. We can all learn something. 

Of-CourseOnline was founded to create a platform of exciting, vibrant and interesting courses for everyone in the movement, health or rehabilitation industry. This company was born from passion, from people who really love what they do and from people who had a desire to learn and know more!

If you are in the movement industry, then take the leap and become a Free Member of this program. Enjoy the courses that were specifically set out for you. We have 15 years experience in presenting courses and we know what our industry is looking for. You just need to take the plunge to embrace Quality Post Education for YOU! Give your clients your all! You will know if you don’t know!



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