Do You Get It?

Do You Get It?!

What is happening out there in the health and movement industry? Are our ears deceiving us?

There are four types of people:

1. Those who know that they don’t know.

2. Those who don’t know that they don’t know.

3. Those who know that they really do know. 

4. Those who think they know, but they don’t know. (disaster strikes here)

Which one are you?

The health industry is MASSIVE. It has Pilates, yoga, gym, martial arts, running, swimming, cycling, skiing, group fitness … the list goes on and on.

But I am really concerned. I heard someone say the other day that knowing your anatomy is not important as a Pilates instructor. Another one said that anatomy is not a big part of yoga training. Another said that group fitness covers a small part. Another said personal training covers anatomy but not how it relates to movement. Health care professionals learn anatomy in depth but NOT HOW IT RELATES TO MOVEMENT…. what on earth is happening here? I thought they were pulling my leg, turns out, it is the truth for the majority.  This is insane!!! Let’s just stop and think about the above……

People are asking questions on forums which illustrates that the courses that they did, did not cover anatomy in MOVEMENT or ANATOMY AND BIOMECHANICS at all. And if it did, it was not sufficient. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt and say that the professional maybe did not get it? But so many of them…. no ways. Come on!

Sure you can name the muscles and what they do….but what about BIOMECHANICS….How does this anatomy work?

This is a huge problem! WHY?

Because how can you teach movement of you are not clear on what is moving the Client? And in moving, I don’t mean generally, I mean exactly. How can you find meaning in teaching movement through instinct and feeling only? Surely there are moments where you wish you knew a bit more? Do you ever wonder why a client feels exercises in certain places and not others? Why are clients or patients compensating. And not generally… exactly why are they compensating!

People are teaching movement and exercise but they have never been assessed to do so practically! They learnt theory and were left to explore practical as time goes by. NO, NO, NO.

This is not a machine that gets programmed by the touch of a button. It needs understanding, care, education and support. But if the person teaching it DOES NOT GET IT, then how on earth must the client get it?

Take shoulders… you say to a client ‘scoop your blade, flatten your blade!’ And then Voila?! I think not. That’s what we call a miracle and they are few and far between. Do you really know how the shoulder girdle works? What is looks like when it glides or why it compensates? If you don’t, then how can you teach Shoulder Stability in movement?

If the brain surgeon does not know every detail of the brain, then how can he make any incision on it?

We are working with bodies that have to carry us FOREVER otherwise what is going to carry us?

I teach at an old age home every Tuesday and these elderly people are between the ages of 82 and 98. Believe me when I say, if you are going to exercise DO IT RIGHT. If not… You WILL break what you have.

So if you are teaching movement or exercise then invest in learning more of what you don’t know.The better you get at what you are doing and the more you know, the more passionate and confident you will be in your work.

That is a recipe for success!!!! Be the person that others go to for questions and finally GET IT.

Because sadly the movement industry is not working in the Best Interest of the Greater Good even if they think they are. They might help their clients feel super positive and emotionally great, but damn, what about the real health that lies in good movement?

It is time to make a real change for LONGEVITY.

What if there was a way to learn that information that will just escalate what you do to the next level?

But in order to do so you NEED TO BE OPEN MINDED and be prepared to get uncomfortable. Don’t just peek out of the box… LEAP OUT of the box and become part of the community who GET’s it.

You will be part of the minority then… or are you already?

This is my greatest passion, to make professionals amazing!!! Not form ME for EVERYBODY THEY TOUCH, TEACH, MEET OR WORK WITH.

It is time to stop beating about the bush and finally GET IT! But it is really difficult to teach people who think they know but really….they don’t.

I don’t care what the ancestors and traditionalists say… if you do not move with the times, then those who are willing to take the leap will pass you on this journey. If computers evolve daily, then why are people not prepared to do the same?


If you want Movement Post Education that will open your eyes to amazing biomechanics and client specific training then Of-CourseOnline & Pilates Unlimited is especially for you.

Tanya Thompson – CEO & Pilates Unlimited


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