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The art of dancing brings with it an aesthetic that leaves many gasping at its beauty. The effortless motion, co-ordinated movement, staccato control and strength in adage creates an illusion of ease. But what actually happens within the body to create this incredible control? How much strength is required to achieve the ‘unachievable’ and what are the realistic or unrealistic expectations that teachers expect from their students during their training.

Often, we look at movement superficially with little focus on the intricacies that lie deep within the biomechanics of the body. In this course we delve into discovering the art of improving turnout for dancers and what an acceptable turnout range is.


  • The anatomy and biomechanics of turnout
  • Range of motion of the hip joint
  • Dancer specific turnout assessment
  • Exercises to enhance, strengthen and support turnout in various positions
  • How to teach the exercises to ensure effectivity
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