The INTERNAL MAGIC of Pilates!

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Pilates has a power like no other, where bodies transform, minds rest, souls heal, joints cry with tears of joy and muscles feel the warmth of the blood surging through the body allowing the elasticity of fibers and tendons to create a feeling of WOW! 

What happens when you do not see the change happening within your body? You exercise everyday but you are expecting some external magic to happen. For some people, results are so easily achievable but for others it takes forever.


Could it be the body type, the food that they consume, the inconsistency of the sessions or the mental state and attitude.

But what if change is happening? Significant change that is happening on the inside. Something that YOU or YOUR CLIENT are not able to see! 

The complexity of the body is MAGIC ALONE. But there is something spectacular that happens when the human body embraces the GORGEOUS movement principles of GOOD QUALITY PILATES. It does not matter whether you are classical or contemporary trained! We are all unique and following what we believe in. 

What does matter….. is….. the change that your are making in others lives! YOUR CLIENTS LIVES! 

Obviously the goal is NOT TO HURT YOUR CLIENTS. And yes, there is a lot to learn. But when the focus is on the GREATER GOOD of others then you are already on the most amazing path to making a positive change in so many peoples lives.

The Pilates world can be cruel, where people bash each others methods or ways….. You will get those who love what you do and those who hate what you do. What counts is what you feel in your heart. What you believe and the difference that you can make to those who really matter. 

Pilates is the BEST FORM OF CROSS TRAINING if it is taught and performed correctly. The feeling that it creates within the body is amazing….LINK THIS WITH SCIENCE and you have a MOVEMENT EXPLOSION. Through staying educated, learning more, improving ourselves as teachers, loving Pilates and finding OUR happy space as HEALTH INFLUENCERS….WE create amazing Pilates related results.

  • Bone densities increase
  • Joints become more mobile
  • Joints become more stabile
  • Body stress decreases
  • Minds find a space of calmness
  • Tears of sadness, love, mourning and joy are released
  • Bodies get stronger
  • Daily movements get easier
  • Emotional states improve … if only for a moment
  • People find their happy place….

……. All in the place that  you have created.


If YOUR goal is for the greater good…. then only good will come of it. Believe in what you do WITH the power of your career. Make others feel GREAT about themselves and ….

SHARE THE PILATES LOVE AMONG ALL PILATES INSTRUCTORS!!! Those who hate are easy to ignore if you are following your heart of healing and maintaining post education in order to help those whose lives you touch!

That is the Healthy Truth!

Tanya Thompson – CEO Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement &


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1 Comment
  • rose
    Posted at 06:12h, 28 November

    Always have great cues and ways to help be better understand and I cant wait to rush to my class and say this is what I was learning today and it made me think of you and how I can better serve you. My clients know I am super excited when they learn a new pattern I laugh jump for joy and sometimes cry when we get it together.
    they get to go back to the sport they love stronger and just a whole new understanding of how to move and stabilize their bodies
    Stand alone excellence…….

    Rose Hull

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