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I am absolutely blown away with OCO and the team! The course material is phenomenal; Tanya who does the presenting is so on fire for education, and she is infectious with her knowledge! My notes are nearly word for word because I don’t want to miss anything she teaches.

The OCO support is fantastic too, ready to take my calls at any time and on the ball via email. I have already got my list for all the courses I will be continuing with this year and next year too!

Kerryn Jordaan

Sky Pilates

The course is well put together. Informative and how to do the assessments of clients.The video is well presented and understandable if you have some knowledge of the muscles of the body. Tanya presents the topic with her usual enthusiasm and well based knowledge of the topic.

This has been a most interesting topic to study and reignite my knowledge of the muscles and their actions.

Joan Gardener

Honeydew Ltd

The course was great! It was informative and the handout was helpful.

– Spinal Isolation, Restriction and Rehabilitation

Nicole Burns

The course was really awesome and gave me all the cues of what I need to look out on the bodies I assess. I did enjoy seeing the different bodies and seeing the differences per person.

Can’t wait for the next course. Thanks for the great work Team!

– Brilliance In Teaching

Kerryn Jordaan

Sky Pilates

The course was very informative and explanatory. I do not have a anatomy background and I could follow and understand the content. Thank you very much!

– Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy

Marina Snyman

It was great! Lots to get your head around for someone with not a lot of anatomy background. Very well done.

-Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy


Very well presented.
A lot of information to take in.

– Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy

Alette Rencken

I thought the video was really clear, the handouts are a little crammed with small writing, could perhaps be spread out over more pages? I found the demonstrations and the explanations in the video really useful. Thank you

-Shoulder WOW Factor

Naomi Sturdy

The video material helped me a lot to
remember things as I am a visual person.

– Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy

Dehlia Muller

Enjoyed the video material – easy explanations.
Helped me a lot to remember things. Manual is fine.

– Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy

Dehlia Muller

I really enjoyed the workshop, good job!

– Spinal Isolation, Restriction and Rehabilitation

Tracey Cawood

Breakfree Pilates

I am currently taking the Spinal Isolation, Restriction and Rehabilitation on-line course with Tanya Thompson, and LOVING it! Tanya has unique insights about teaching and movement. I still have 4 sessions to go, but wanted to share my great experience thus far.

– Spinal Isolation, Restriction and Rehabilitation

Alison Mcdonald-Marsh

Your Pregnant Core

One of the best courses ever! Well done!!

– Spinal Isolation, Restriction and Rehabilitation

Paula Smit

Fabulous Fitness

Loved everything, the info blows my mind, thank you for such fantastic work!

My only issue was difficulty seeing the joints or muscles when the people wear black verses lighter shades of clothing on the computer.

Keep up the good work! Next step is the pregnancy course 😉

–  The Myths of Postural Assessments

Joan Gardener

Honeydew Ltd

Hi Tanya, WHOOO is all I can say, THANK YOU THANK YOU for your effort to do this for me, I ENJOY, ENJOY.
Enjoy the course so much, I can’t wait to get to my studio. Thank you and your girls for your time, lovies, Jacomien.

– Innovative Repertoire, Small Apparatus

Jacomien Viviers


I did enjoy the course. Definitely does get those gluts working.
I would be good to know which exercises to avoid for the mentioned hip conditions.

-Hip home program for Professionals

Terry-Lyn McDougall

Great instructor, great topic and great info received! Thanks

– Shoulder WOW Factor


The material was clearly presented and the download is very helpful. I look forward to working on this program regularly at home. I am also pleased that access to this does not expire as I may wish to refer back to it from time to time. Thank you!

– Shoulder home program for Public

Tina Scribner

Very precise and informative.

– Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy

Anne M

Well presented, and easy to understand. Would love to see this as a face to face workshop if you decide to visit Australia.
Thank you.

– Shoulder WOW Factor


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