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Embark on a seamless journey towards expanding your knowledge with continuing education made easy! Whether you're just starting out or striving to reach professional heights, say goodbye to the uncertainties of choosing the right path. Let my well-crafted step-by-step learning success path guide you through the maze of options. Delve into the realm of applied biomechanics, master effective assessment tools, refine your teaching techniques, design impactful programs, navigate through pathologies, and cater to special populations, all with ease. Step confidently into the realm of continuous learning and watch your expertise flourish!
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Embark on your continued learning journey by taking advantage of our exclusive 14-day FREE trial. Gain immediate access to our dynamic; Applied Biomechanics 3-day challenge, enriching Training Your Eye course with certification, and the empowering Biomechanical and Assessment Skills course to elevate your fitness and movement career. Instantly enhance your expertise, elevate your confidence, and find inspiration through this enlightening trial experience.
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Applied Biomechanics 3-Day

"Mastering Movement: Elevate Your Biomechanics Skills in Just 270 Minutes"

Discover the transformative power of the Applied Biomechanics 3-day challenge, designed to elevate your understanding and skills in merging science with the art of movement. In just 270 minutes, you will embark on a journey that will revolutionize how you perceive and apply biomechanics to your classes and teaching.

This course comes with:

  • 3 Manuals
  • 3 videos

Training Your Eye Online Course + Certificate.

"Mastering Assessment Principles: Enhancing Client Results Through Training Your Eye"

Training your eye is a crucial skill for Fitness or Movement Professionals as it plays a pivotal role in guiding clients to achieve the best outcomes. Applying the 5 fundamental Movement Principles is essential. By accurately identifying and addressing any compensation in these principles, professionals can optimize their clients' progress in all programs. 

This course comes with:
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Video
  • 1 Summary page
  • Quiz
  • Certificate

Empower Your Fitness & Movement Career Course.

"Transformative Teaching Techniques: Elevate Your Fitness Career with Advanced Cueing Strategies"

Striving to empower your fitness and movement career transcends mere theoretical knowledge in today's booming fitness industry. Let’s dive deep into enhancing your teaching style with a fusion of biomechanics, practical muscle pattern assessments, movement tools for functional form, and intricate cueing techniques for optimal  results. 

This course comes with:
  • 1 Manual
  • 2 Videos

Meet Your Presenter

Tanya Thompson

Tanya is a remarkable individual with an impressive expertise in movement studies and anatomy, coupled with a talent for crafting diverse teaching styles. Her passion shines through in her dedication to laying the foundation for professionals to enhance their knowledge of movement, enabling them to better cater to their clients. Tanya's commitment to fostering growth and excellence in others is truly inspiring, making her a valuable asset in the realm of movement education..
 My passion is to help Pilates & Fitness Professionals to unleash their full potential and surprise themselves with their capabilities along the way!  

Tanya Thompson

Passionate Educator

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I'm hooked!

Of-CourseOnline showed up in my Facebook newsfeed about a month ago and I’m so glad it did. I have completed 3 courses so far and now I’m hooked.
Donna-marie Macpanas 
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Highly recommended

I have been practicing massage therapy, movement, and personal training for 10 years, & the shoulder class opened my eyes to understanding the function and proper movement needed for me to educate my clients in a more profound way.
Kevin Pedrey
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I recommend her courses!

I am very impressed with Tanya's expertise and knowledge of how the body works. I recommend her courses to other professionals for additional training and understanding of our amazing bodies.
Carolyn Vanzlow-Edgar
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Absolutely brilliant!

Finally, I found a course that answered loads of my questions.
I have been doing Tanya's webinars from the UK since 2018. I love it very much. Tanya is very professional and very clear in her teaching. Absolutely brilliant!
Delighted and looking forward to attending the rest of your courses.

Rita Don
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Secret Insecurities & Unpreparedness!

Wouldn't it be amazing if the information that you needed just flowed out of your mind like warm honey on pancakes? Close your eyes and imagine the confidence that this knowledge would give you. How would having an
in-depth knowledge of human movement make you feel?


Tickle The Unquenchable Curiosity

Do you have the need and desire to embrace a continuous journey of learning! Are you curious about various compensations, pathologies & special populations? Wouldn't you love to learn how to ensure results for your clients and get them pain-free and fully functional?


Learning Beyond Qualifications!

You know that learning beyond the qualification is where the magic happens. The qualification is just a stepping stone into what you are capable of knowing. But when you choose the journey, make sure it is one that offers structure and is outcome based. Always learn from those who have extensive experience and a deep passion for helping YOU!



Evidence Based Learning!

Evidence based learning beats intuition in many scenarios. There are many instructors who teach with intuition rather than knowledge. Putting evidence, science and proven methods behind this intuition, results in powerful version of you!


Teaching Skills Is the X-Factor!

Don't you want to go into the fundamentals of being an excellent teacher, and beyond! Now that you know the work, let's teach you how to deliver the message easily to your clients, so that any competition is no competition at all! Bring the 5 fundamental teaching principles into your classes and never lose a client again. 


Less Overwhelm, Quicker Progress!

If you are lost in a sea of continuing education that leaves your feeling overwhelmed, then my carefully curated Learning Success Path is going to lower your anxiety, and guide you through a step-by-step learning process, covering everything that you need to know to become an informed and sought-after Exercise Professional. 


Free Learning For 14 Days! 

I know that there is a lot of doubt and questions that we have when we want to start learning again. Is this the right company? Will it resonate with me? That is why we want to give you 3 incredible courses for absolutely free, and you will even get a certificate for one of the courses! There is literally no risk at all!

Risk Free | Free Trial | No Card Required | Instant Access

Ready to embark on a learning adventure? Start our free trial? It's 100% risk-free and absolutely no card is required. You get access to three free courses right away, so you can start learning immediately. Take this opportunity to explore new interests and expand your knowledge with no strings attached. Dive in and enjoy the journey of learning!
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