Course Overview

Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics

"Unravelling the Human Body in Motion: Mastering Anatomy and Biomechanics in Movement Coaching"
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Why should I take this course?

As a movement professional, having a strong command over functional anatomy and biomechanics is crucial in guiding individuals effectively through their fitness journeys. It goes beyond just recognizing muscle names and locations; a deeper comprehension of how muscles synergize and adapt uniquely to each individual is paramount.

Every client is akin to a distinct puzzle, and with a profound understanding of anatomy, you can adeptly piece together their unique movements. Your upcoming exploration into anatomical studies will provide you with the confidence to educate and empower your clients effectively. Together, we are delving into the fundamental basics, unravelling the intricate marvels of the human body in motion.

Course Objectives

This course provides you with more information on the musculoskeletal system and how this system responds when moving.

You will learn:
• all the necessary anatomical terminology that will help you understand literature and referral letters from healthcare professionals
• how to analyse movement on an anatomical level
• how to teach classes that embrace a better understanding of your client’s bodies as they move
• compensations due to muscular restrictions
• the muscle's names and the movements that they produce as well as their antagonists
• how the agonists and antagonists relate to one another and how their response can be different for different individuals
• how to apply your knowledge to modify exercises for a more client-specific approach
• how anatomy and biomechanical knowledge will change your entire perspective on teaching movement with purpose

What's Included?

  • 5 Videos
  • Manual
  • Summary Page
  • Test
  • Certificate


A great course to review all the anatomy I learnt in my initial training as a Pilates teacher. . Really good to go back and revisit anatomy with years of teaching under my belt and this course is presented so well, integrating anatomy knowledge into Pilates movement and as a result functional movement to help me help my clients better. All the of-course online courses I have done have felt like giving myself a treat....time to delve back into what I love! Thank you for making it all so accessible!
Laura Sykes
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