Challenge Overview

Relaxation Bliss: 20-Day Challenge

"Find Your Inner Zen: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress and Restoring Balance in Your Life"
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Tanya .T.




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Reflection Journal

Why should I take this challenge?

The ‘Break My Stress’ Cycle challenge was developed with a passion and a desire to help women regain their strength, heal their body and still their mind.

We are often searching for methods to change what we know needs to be changed and yet, we never take the final step to manage our stress.
We search for pills, counsellors, retreats and any advice that can get to help us make a small change. But these methods are short lived.

You do not have your counsellor available forever and for many, the budget does not allow for a full-time counsellor, you cannot book a forever retreat and you do not want to feel the need to pop a pill just to calm you down.

In this Challenge, I am going to teach you how you can manage your mind, your breath and your body ON YOUR OWN where ever you are.

I am going to give you the gift of self-awareness and the ability to be still and replenish your mind, your body and your soul through an incredible Relaxation Bliss movement program.

Challenge Objectives

This ‘Break My Stress’ cycle challenge is here to not only give you the means to cope on a daily basis, but I also want to teach you:

• The science of stress
• Self-awareness
• A deeper Mind-Body-Self Connection
• The importance of breathing and the science behind it
• The importance of focus, environment and

What's Included?

  • 25 Videos
  • 4 Downloadable Audios
  • Reflection Journal


Last night I slept so soundly that it felt like I was drugged.
Anneme Muller

Tanya, I am on week 2 and I have to say that I am loving this challenge. Thank you for doing this. Love your teaching and techniques.
Leslie Polatty

This challenge has added value to my life by over 100%! I am 64, wort at a computer all day. The pain I experience in my right shoulder/arm & sciatica also literally are all but gone, even after a whole day at the desk. THANK YOU!

I will be doing this program over & over forever. The feeling I have of ‘no pain’ when going to bed, doing whatever activities, especially hobbies, I do not have words to express my appreciation to you Tanya!

Due to work commitments, I have not finished the 20 days, but am doing one every day I can, 7 days a week. This will be ongoing now😊”
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