Bundle: Assessment and Teaching Skill Development

In this bundle we will guide you towards honing your assessment skills and refining your teaching abilities. Our goal is to empower you with the ability to expertly evaluate your clients' movements, conduct comprehensive assessments, and deliver classes with a distinctive and transformative teaching style. Through this level, we will help you train your eye to identify areas that require attention and provide you with the tools to develop effective teaching techniques that resonate with each individual. By the end of this learning process, you will possess the confidence and expertise to bring about meaningful transformations in your clients' lives through your innovative approach to teaching. Get ready to embark on this exciting journey of growth and mastery!

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Bundle contents

What's included?

Manuals + summary pages

Enjoy our comprehensive manuals with summary pages. 

15 hours of video lessons

Enhance your online learning with high-quality videos on desktop and mobile.

Community discussion area

We guarantee an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths with professional and community guidance.

Tests + certificates

Take this opportunity to see how much you have learned and obtain a certificate. 

What courses are in the bundle? 

Training your eye

Client movement assessment

The myths of postural assessments

4 principles in a 5min warm-up

Develop a magnetic teaching style

The why behind compensations

     Discover more effective cues

Effective cueing for glute training

Guide to teaching relaxation classes

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Bundle: Develop Client Assessment & Teaching Skills

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