Bundle: Joint Specific Training Programs

In this bundle we delve into the realm of joint-specific training. Implement what you have learned with a more targeted approach. By taking one joint at a time, we will guide you through the intricacies of training these joints to ensure optimal results for your clients. Our aim is to equip you with the expertise and finesse needed to address the nuances of each joint, enabling you to create tailored training programs that maximize client satisfaction and progress. With a dedication to professional growth and a commitment to excellence, this course bundle will empower you to take joint specific training to the next level and deliver exceptional outcomes for your clients.

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Bundle contents

What's included?

Manuals + summary pages

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9 hours of video lessons

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Community discussion area

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Tests + certificates

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What courses are in the bundle? 

Shoulder biomechanics

Shoulder home program

Obtain Shoulder strength

Spinal home program

Thoracic spine training

Safe cervical training

Hip biomechanics

Hip home program

        Sleeping glute solved

Knee biomechanics

Knee home program

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Bundle: Comprehensive Joint Specific Training

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