Your VOICE in the fitness industry!


They power of dynamic teaching lies within the use of your voice.

Today there are millions of fitness studios, Pilates studios, yoga studios, physiotherapists and gyms all over the world. You are just one of the millions out there that wishes to bring health to others through your work.

How many of us were taught ‘How to teach’ Fitness classes effectively? How many of us were given the tools to become the best teachers that we can be? A lot of it is based on the natural teachers versus those that are left in the cold because teaching others is not a natural skill that they possess. It has to be something that they have to cultivate in order to really hone in on their teaching skills.

I truly feel that if the industry is training teachers then they need to include the all encompassing factors that are vital for amazing teaching. With one of the greatest elements being your VOICE!

The impact that the use of your voice can have on your session is phenomenal. It can take your session from good to amazing by using simple techniques within your voice. The use of your voice creates a soothing effect on the client and it encourages them to do the session effectively. It also brings a strong professional aspect to the classes which is vital if you are in the health and wellness industry professionally.

We call it a mild form of acting; 30% acting without over doing it. Just milking every movement in the session by using your voice effectively.

Every action has a specific feel to it. Here are a few examples:

  • lengthen – leng….thennnnn
  • down – say this with a deeper voice
  • reach – reee…aachhh
  • hold – hooooollllD
  • pause – pauuuuuse
  • press – use your voice from  your gut, almost as if you were pushing something heavy
  • When you are counting repetitions, as the repetitions become more so your voice has to illustrate the intensity in the repetitions. The last reps will be difficult and this will be evident in your voice. 
  • When you are teaching a relaxation exercise, your voice should encompass the element of total relaxations, flow with a hypnotic feel. 
  • If you are talking about ‘pressing up,’ then you would use a slightly higher tone every time you say the word ‘up’.

These are just a few examples of how voice can change a session. It will bring that element of professionalism, dynamics and add a soothing effect to the session.

If we look at all of the thousands of classes that are out there, we have to be at the top of our game, not only to make sure we offer great quality but to embrace our career with the attitude of learning something new and being the best we can be.

I have seen many classes that have been great, but the clients preferred the instructor that used his / her voice opposed to the instructor that gave a great session with less dynamics in his or her voice. They are not sure why they enjoyed the one class more than the other but I know why. It was easy to see!

If you want to be an inspiring instructor with OOMPH…then use your VOICE!



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