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Why people envy the Fitness Industry

Do you have any idea how many people out there would love to be in your shoes/career right now?

To them it sounds amazing…. cool clothes, the latest water bottles, we choose our times, we have no deadlines, we have less stress compared to corporate, we have burning candles in our workspace… and the list goes on and on….

Teaching movement, rehab and exercise is such a cool industry to be in and it is extremely rewarding, especially if your clients are seeing and feeling results. 

Our attire is awesome…

Fitness fashion, time, health, music and healthy food become super appealing to people when they are not able to have it!

They yearn for it on a daily basis and look at the Fitness industry with envy.

They know they need a drastic change… and they are willing to take the leap to enhance their quality of life.

Let’s remember our added benefits:

  1. We can go and get groceries in the middle of the day
  2. We get to arrange our hours around our children’s schedule
  3. We get to wear comfy clothes daily … and they are pretty fashionable lately….
  4. We get to work in an environment that has a great vibe and zen feel and hopefully smells amazing
  5. We get to help people feel better about themselves
  6. We get to change our clients health for good
  7. We get to choose our hours (and yes, some of us choose many hours)
  8. And lately, we get to work from anywhere due to teaching online

When everyone else is shopping online for the latest smart/casual wear, we are scrolling on the fitness fashion websites because yet another stunning pair of leggings caught our eye.

And yes, we DO NOT need the leggings, but we will find an excuse to get it because that horizontal stripped legging is just not in our collection of leggings at this point 😉

Our industry is the envy of so many other industries because people are dying to get into a healthy lifestyle themselves. They don’t only want to be healthy but they want to share a healthy lifestyle with others.

They want a complete overhaul of their usual career……

So if you are reading this, it means that you are already one of the lucky ones.

You just need to remind yourself of that.

You have chosen a career where you hear THANK YOU more than anyone else. You hear your clients say how you have made their daily lives so much easier. They share how awesome you are with their friends and the next thing you know, you have a waiting list of clients who want to train with only you.

So this blog post is to celebrate US and our industry and how lucky we are to stretch over the big ball whenever we want….

The FITNESS AND HEALTH INDUSTRY is pretty awesome.. and you can mould it to fit in with YOU however you want!

The recipe to a successful career in this industry is a passion for movement, a passion for helping others, a good business mind and staying educated….!

Happy Teaching!

You can check out our latest amazing educational packages below… they are bound to knock your socks off. Oh, and did I mention that your courses NEVER EVER EXPIRE. So enjoy them indefinitely.

Tanya Thompson – CEO

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