What lies behind beautiful Movement?

The freedom of movement

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting day 1 of the Pilates Equipment course. So yes, today is day 2 and what an amazing two days it has been.

We will never know what pure movement is until we see it with our own eyes or feel it deep within our bodies. It is liberating, relaxing, invigorating and just pure bliss. Make no mistake, it is tough, exhausting, quivering and body fatiguing but for the most part, it brings about a peace within you body like no other.

There is a magic about the Pilates Equipment that many do not get to experience. As a Pilates Instructor and an absolute pure movement fanatic, it is imperative that we offer the greater realm of Pilates to our clients. It will give them that spring in their step. That ‘damn I am good’ feeling and just get them to connect to the amazing body that they have been given.

As I watch the body in motion, I can see the intricate structures that were perfectly molded and designed to offer pure beauty when moving. The process that it takes to get to that perfection should be the exciting part of the journey. Nothing just happens, it has to take a journey and at the end the reward is priceless.

Ask yourself:

What do I want to be able to do? What do I need to do to get there? Do I believe that I can do it? Am I being realistic in expecting my body to do these things?

I get to sit here at my desk now and watch our students testing out the equipment. I hear their comments, I see the team work that is developing, I see the insight that is coming to play and I love the excitement on their faces when they see what exercise they are doing next. The priceless looks on the students faces when they see what the body is capable of doing and then the raised eyebrow when you say ‘Don’t worry, you will be able to do it to!’

God gave us an amazing vehicle to carry our mind, spirit and soul. We are capable of doing amazing, safe things with this vehicle. We are so blessed to have healthy bodies that can get stronger with age through the right choices that we make. But there is only one person that can make that choice and that is YOU!

Cherish what you have, mind, body and soul. Take care of it. Nurture it. Enhance its qualities and make it a priority to get connected mentally to your body on a level unparalleled by anything else. Feel the freedom of movement with strength. The science of the art of movement and the gratification of pure movement.

I love it. I am in a happy place. I am in a Professional Pilates studio. I am feeling fanbloodytastic!

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!


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