One Modality Syndrome

The One Modality Syndrome

I have been in the Movement Industry for as long as I can remember.

When I was not learning and teaching, I was dancing, exercising or competing. My passion never lay with ONE FORM OF EXERCISE. It was all encompassing. I love the body as a whole, what it is capable of and how it can be molded in all forms of exercise. I started my journey as a dancer and then delved into Pilates. But let me not forget my moments doing Muai Thai, Bootcamp, Running, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Yoga, Zumba, Group Fitness, Thai Bo, Gym and Meditation. I might have my favorites, but what I love more than anything is the powerful fusion that these methods can bring when one is able to take the valuable aspects of each of these modalities.

I once read people mortified at Pilates clients doing more than 10 repetitions… well, I work hard, I train hard, I load the Pilates Equipment and I LOVE MORE THAN 10 REPS! Surely if I did 10 reps 10 years ago, I should have progressed to more REPS (and yes I am doing them correctly) or am I doing this to just keep my body moving? Some might be and that is okay, but it is also OKAY to do more than everyone else if you can. We need to allow instructors to explore beyond the parameters of a book. We need to open up our minds to the possibilities of so many different approaches that are also valuable to our clients and our own training.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I have had the privilege to train many instructors all over the globe. It has been 3 months of doing a combination of what I love… MOVEMENT. Therefore, Pilates, Personal Training and Free Movement and Relaxation and I was astounded to see how these instructors have gotten stronger in 3 months.. and let’s not forget how amazing their arms and backs are looking. And guess what, we were working on Pilates mats, Pilates Equipment and lo and behold, we even used Kettle Bells.

Time Under Tension is a fabulous concept that you can use on the Pilates Equipment. It is powerful and takes Pilates to that next level.

With all of this being said, we need to always remember our clients goals and we also need to remember that they may not fall in line with what we want for them. If they want to work harder… then give it to them. If they don’t, then tone it down. They are paying you to help them achieve THEIR GOALS not yours. If you wish to show them away because they are breaking some secret code of wanting to stretch more, relax more or work harder, then that choice lies with you. I personally love having them all. Those I can care for, those I can push and those that I can aid in getting better after whatever ailment they had. For me, it is all about them. And if they are SUPER happy then I am SUPER happy. Those messages or emails afterwards speak a thousand words.

Personal Trainers need to see the benefit of Pilates. Pilates instructors need to see the benefit of great personal training. Runners need to see the benefits of stretching… and this list goes on and on and on….

Movement merged with Science, Feeling and a Great Understanding of the Biomechanics becomes something surreal. It is a FULL BODY EXPERIENCE of loving being active and loving teaching people to be active!

Imagine the doors that open for you when you are open to opening the doors!

Tanya Thompson – Founder & Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement.

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