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The Positive Effect of Precision in training!

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The health industry is BOOMING and this is a very positive effect because the public is becoming aware of the importance of health and the immense benefits that it will have on their life in pretty much all aspects, be it ease of movement, strength, ease of breathing, general health and just feeling great.

However, there is one factor that creates a BIG BUT!

With all these health facilities popping up around every corner, there is a risk factor involved and that is the risk of promoting your physique above the benefits of how safe, efficient and precise movement can really extend your longevity. How many people are injured whilst exercising? Does that even make any sense?

Did you know that people who lead less active lives and maintain a balance of eating well and moving only when necessary have less aches and pains today. Why? Because they have never damaged their joints whilst they were beating their bodies up.

I come from a dancing background where I studied dance for 3  years at a University here in South Africa. I think this was the point in my life when I had the most injuries. Yes I was in awesome shape but it came with a hefty price of physio bills, pain killers, copious amounts of Arnica oil and Transact plasters.

Since then I have been in the movement industry working with people from all movement backgrounds be it cricket, rugby, dance, crossfit, swimming, running and then of course those that did simply very little. I am yet to understand the madness behind crossfit. In my opinion it is extreme torture for the body. Ok, so you look what you call fabulous but hell, I hope you look like that forever to make up for all the hell that you have put your joints and muscles through. The day will come when they will rebel and in a seriously livid way!

There is no ways the human body can go that extreme extra mile if you are doing a movement with precision. So what is important to YOU! The body short term, or the body long term?

Two weeks ago I did an assessment on a gentleman who has run the Comrades Marathon. THE COMRADES! I could not believe the lack of mind body connection and the overall stability weaknesses in his body. How could this be? He was cramping in pretty much everything and he was weaker in his movements than most of my over 60 year olds in my studio.

The element of cross training is so vital BUT we cannot forget the fact that the cross training must be in the interest of healthy exercise to heal the body and NOT TO HARM it.

We train already existing professionals in post educational training and I am really concerned as to the lack of understanding of pure safe movement with PRECISION! This is not a positive for our population, it is NEGATIVE. We do not know it all at all. I do not know it all and I LOVE learning any opportunity I get. However, there is one thing that I do know and that is PRECISION IN MOVEMENT. This is the  main factor that started Of-CourseOnline because I felt there is a huge gap in the market for this kind of information. And when I say market I am referring to the entire movement and exercise industry. It is missing and because it is missing, it is harming and not healing the bodies. Yes they are performing and winning in their sports, but in the same breath, they could be doing so much better if they were trained with specific principles in mind i.e. CIMR, PRECISION IN MOVEMENT & FREE MOVEMENT.

Examples of movements that are performed really badly are:

  1. Back extension or any back work for that matter
  2. Hip extension exercises
  3. Arm and shoulder exercises
  4. Abdominal work

And these are only a few in the mountain of poorly performed movements. To tweak the movement is what I love and to see the faces of the clients when I do this is what makes it so worth the effort.

The industry can do better, we can always improve, we can always learn and we can always grow.

This gave birth to Kinetic Precision International which was followed on by Of-CourseOnline.com. It does not matter where you are in the world, you can absorb this companies passion for amazing movement and teaching and really ‘Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race’, hee hee, you were singing that now weren’t you?

So what requires precision?

  1. Shoulder mobility and stability
  2. Hip mobility and stability
  3. Spinal mobility and stability
  4. Knee stability

How do we do this?

Wow that is an intense, complicated question. Precision in movement is when all the parts of the body that are due to move during a movement, move with;

  • ease
  • no compensations
  • perfect alignment
  • client specific movements
  • resistance specific
  • utilizing CIMR
  • intense concentration (which will eventually be come involuntary)
  • pure, free disassociation
  • on-par cuing from YOU!

That is our passion – Precision in movement!

If you are breaking it, STOP! Train to heal NOT TO HARM!



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