The Birth of WE DON’T DO BORING!

Heart of OCO

At the core of all businesses or ideas lies something that spurred on the venture. It is often ignited by a passion or intense feeling of wanting to create change. This passion becomes even more powerful when you ‘speak from experience’ .

During the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of teaching an array of students; Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Qualified Pilates instructors, Sports scientists, Dance teachers, Personal trainers, Yoga instructors and other Fitness professionals. Every single time without fail I was approach by so many in the group asking me where I learned everything, what courses did I do and what did I study? The truth is I studied dance at University, not physio, not biokinetics, not sports science. But I had and still have an immense passion for understanding Movement. Hence my journey of self study, reading endlessly, running EMG tests, conducting a study of Movement at one of our universities and working with thousands of bodies. Not to mentioning testing theories and understanding why they can never be generalized.

I am always asked how I understand movement, when many I meet struggle to put the the puzzle pieces together? One of the main reasons we struggle to understand Movement, is because it was never really explained to us in ways that make sense or are easily understood.

I believe in my heart that we all have a gift and our gift is there to serve others and to add some kind of value to someones life. If we ignore this, we might end up in some mundane job that eats at our soul on a daily basis. But a gift is just a gift, it is what we do with it that really matters. I set myself on a 20 year journey to learn as much as I could about movement, by analyzing different bodies and not relying solely on what I found in literature, because I can promise you that when that person is standing in front of you, and you see them move, the literature that you just read does not apply to them. So What NOW?

In case you missed our most important “HASHTAG”, #WEDONTDOBORING
We thought we would give you insight into why this # is so super duper uber important to all of us at Of-CourseOnline.

Where did it come from?
I have attended numerous continuing educational courses myself and find them, well, Boring! I had to spend so much money to learn more and then feel completely underwhelmed either by the information or the presentation. Nothing ignited my passion, the energy levels on most courses was low and enthusiasm was an average of 4/10.

I had been approached a couple of times to please make my work and courses more accessible without people having to travel. Many professionals had asked me, ‘Can’t we get access to your work online somehow, or what about LIVE streaming?’ Live Streaming in South Africa at that stage with our internet was NOT an option. Our internet absolutely sucked. Of-Course this planted a seed in my head while I was actually presenting course in the UK in 2014. I love a challenge and I LOVE new projects so there was no doubt in my mind that I would do this.

BUT, I had to do it differently. There are already many online courses in our industry, so I took the time to investigate. At that stage, I had an amazing product called ‘Kinetic Precision,’ and this is what we needed to bring to all the Movement Professionals. I then went and watched quite a few other online courses and assessed what I loved and what just did not work for me. The BIGGEST thing that I noticed was the LEVEL OF BORING…….I found myself on my PC watching the online course and BBC food at the same time. Not good at all. I should be focused on what I am learning, shouldn’t I? So my first thought was….WE DON’T DO BORING! And with that thought came the birth of the Of-CourseOnline brand!

And I urge you, if you ever see us do boring… send us an email immediately and say… ‘OCO, you have lost the plot… this one was BORING!’

So my goals were to ensure that the courses were:

  1. NOT Boring
  2. Full of the information that was not taught in universities or other courses
  3. Jam packed with what really matters when teaching and assessing movement
  4. Designed in such a way that every course has more practical work than theory
  5. Applying theory practically in order to bridge the huge gap of implementing your knowledge practically on various individuals
  6. Understanding how different bodies move and why literature is just a base, and the practical work is the building blocks of your career
  7. Teaching you good, pure movement
  8. Teaching you what NOT to do as a movement professional
  9. Teaching you HOW TO TEACH
  10. Igniting your passion for your career all over again, by giving you endless tools to make a success of what you do, while loving it.

Life is short and Life can get Boring at times. Sometimes we feel we want a bit of boring as this might still our mind… but we definitely DO NOT WANT BORING in a learning environment.
So here is to peaked interest, a love for learning, learning from those who love what they do, doing excitable courses, and remembering that we are only as good as our clients general responses to us.

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

Tanya Thompson – Founder of & Pilates Unlimited the Art of Movement, 18 December 2019

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