STOP: Copy & paste rehab syndrome!


The era of copy and paste is here. It is everywhere! Especially in rehabilitation exercise programs!

I have seen it over and over again. The same generic rehab programs for everyone. Be they there for their back, shoulders, hips, knees……it is all the same.

Where do these programs come from? Were they found on on the internet? Did someone hand them out in a lecture somewhere? Why is everyone getting exactly the same program regardless of body type, restrictions, pathology, or genetic structure?

The copy and paste syndrome has taken the world by storm! rotator cuff

So what is the result of this Copy and Paste of rehab programs? Failed long term results as well as limited instant results. 

If I had a magic wand, I would stop generic programs immediately. I recently had a lady come to me with a generic program for her shoulder post-op. She had been doing the ‘exercises’ / ‘movements’ for three weeks with little improvement. After 3 x 15minute sessions with the program that I did with her, she saw a major improvement. We are now on 8 x 15min sessions and she cannot believe how amazing her shoulder is doing. Why? Because the program was based on HER! I was thinking out of the box and coming up with alternative ways to get her shoulder moving without compensations. 

ONLY 15 MINUTES…..that is all it took. I also told her NOT to do it at home. I would do it for her and with her. Why? Because she will delete all of our hard work through her compensations at home.

The same goes for the spine. I cringe when I see movements or exercises that have been given to EVERYBODY! Not everybody can do them so please stop giving it to them.

Start thinking out of the box. Start designing from a scientific client specific level and you will see that your results will be better and you will feel more accomplished as a professional. 

If your client cannot perform the exercise properly in front of you then they CANNOT do it on their own at home!

This is what Of-CourseOnline stands for – Precision in training on a client specific level. 

That is the healthy truth!


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