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My Passion for Shoulder Stability

I wanted to share a topic with you that I am extremely passionate about and that is the ART OF SHOULDER STABILITY!
My passion for this developed about 17 years ago when I noticed that people were performing stability training very poorly and there was a missing ‘something’ in the execution. The big question was, what was missing? I went on a 17 year journey of SHOULDER DISCOVERY, and made it my life’s mission to help others help their shoulders.
Maybe my life’s mission is to spread the word of AMAZING SCAPULA STABILITY.

I couldn’t bare looking at the endless photos of planks, push ups, rotator cuff exercises, deltoid exercises and arm work with the scapula having a party on the ribs or not even joining the party at all.
The professionals teaching shoulder stability were compensating during their demonstrations, the cues used were poor, the demonstrations left much to be desired and the result were and are still short term improvement. By no fault of their own, might I add, they learned it this way to.

So here I am, absolutely passionate about this joint that nobody understands. So how the hell am I gonna get the word out there. Well yes, it is challenging for sure, but if you are really passionate about something then anything is possible. I have traveled to the UK twice to present shoulder work and will be there again in October to present at two venues. One in North Devon and then in London at the Circus. Yes, you heard correctly, THE CIRCUS. How EXCITING IS THAT?
Our shoulder courses are our most popular courses worldwide because scapula stability is never really seen in real-time.

I do love our HASHTAG #WeDontDoBoring but when it comes to shoulders, I am serious and very particular as to what should be happening when and how you are going to get the client to achieve your vision of shoulder stability for them.

Do I love the body? HELL YES! Do I love shoulders? ABSOBLOODYLUTELY!

So I went on to film an amazing 8 minute video that we will be releasing this week specifically for shoulder awareness!

Please share this weeks video and blog as far and wide as you can and let’s bring some amazing shoulder work to the Globe, because let’s face it, the guy standing in front of you in the queue needs this to😜

So many many years ago, we never knew how amazing the invention of sliced bread would be? We didn’t even know we needed sliced bread until we saw it!

What a huge convenience sliced bread is…no need to cut the bread, just open it and spread it! 

What is the bonus of this amazing invention?

  1. Convenience.
  2. Time saving.
  3. A loaf of bread can go so much further if it is evenly sliced.

Nobody knew they needed this amazing invention until it stared them right in the face! Wow…why didn’t I think of that?

Okay….so how does this relate to our shoulders?

What if the answer to all shoulder issues, injuries, pain and instability was staring you in the face. What if you just couldn’t see it? What if there is someone out there that is busy with something revolutionary and you are missing it? What if I told you that you will have your clients and patients eating out of your hands because you have given them something totally amazing?


I have been working on shoulder stability for the past 16 years.

  • What works?
  • What is wasting your time and energy?
  • Why are results limited?
  • What is missing in shoulder rehabilitation programs?
  • What are professionals not able to see?
  • What are professionals not able to do themselves?
  • What makes THIS protocol so unique?
  • What influence does THIS protocol have on the neck?

In the past couple of months we have worked on so many shoulders i.e. Frozen, impinged, post-op, sport specific injuries and every single one of these clients have walked out with amazing results within 4 – 12 thirty minute sessions?

The results have been absolutely insane! So amazing that we ourselves have questioned the success of this protocol….and the reality is that IT WORKS! We have not had one failure of this program to date. NOT ONE. Of course there might be one exception in the future but for now…we have only had successes!

If I could put the full protocol in a blog then I would, but the work is so precise, detailed and specific that you must see it for yourself.

What if you were able to obtain amazing results for all of your clients and patients. Would you want to learn something so powerful?

This protocol is amazing…and makes so much sense! 

So how does it relate to sliced bread?

This PROTOCOL IS REVOLUTIONARY…nobody knows how badly they need it…until they physically see and feel it. Who needs it? EVERYBODY… If you suffer from shoulder pain, neck pain or any discomfort or injury in these areas…then YOU NEED THIS!

It is the BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! There you have it 😉

Become a Free Member of today and learn so much more than just the basics.

That is the Healthy Truth!

Tanya Thompson – CEO & Founder &

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