Rotator cuff post op REHAB!



ONLY 12 x 15 minute sessions and she achieved this???? WOW

Client SHOULDER REHAB Journey: Lynné de Jager (Mrs South-Africa 2012)

Client assessment: She had a ROTATOR CUFF REPAIR OPERATION.

After 3 WEEKS of post op exercises, she saw VERY LITTLE improvement. Due to this she contacted me to see if I can assist her because her frustration levels were high!

We had decided to document the improvement and she took a VIDEO of her 1st DAY and then again AFTER her 12th SESSION. Lynne had been seeing a professional who was assisting her with regaining mobility of her shoulder joint. However, her improvement was minimal.

So what was the problem?

  1. She was given exercises to do at home 3 times a day. (Really? She can’t even do them properly in front of me)
  2. She was given generic movements as seen on many ‘home’ programs.
  3. She was given movements that were too difficult and therefore she would need to compensate in order to achieve mobility.
  4. There was no creative element to the movements and therefore she was creating new compensations which will lead to the same injury should she persist in doing the home exercises.

When I saw the movements that were expected of her, I decided to ‘can’ all of her home exercises. They were doing her no good. So what did we do? Lynne was willing to take the risk as well as a leap of faith in me and what I love and what I know will be good for her!

  1. I designed movements that were very low load and maybe even assisted through gravity.
  2. I watched her every move and gave her assisted shoulder blade stability throughout.
  3. I did very unique exercises with a strong mobility element
  4. I used very specific cues that would lead her to a path of shoulder stability understanding
  5. And most importantly…….I did not give her anything to do at home!

Why on earth would I do that if I know for a fact that she cannot do it properly without my support and assistance?

Client Specific programme:
We FOCUSED on CREATING MOBILITY WITHOUT PAIN through the use of creative client specific design. Throughout this, CAREFUL FOCUS was placed on ASSISTED STABILITY and EMPHASIS on SERRATUS anterior. Both open chain and closed chain exercises were performed but in very specific positions in order to keep the movement safe. The results after 12 x 15 minute sessions is remarkable.

Equipment used:

  • 65cm ball
  • Plinth or Cadillac
  • Foam roller
  • Pole
  • Half lumbar roll
  • Half foam roller

Note: No theraband :O

She exercised:

  • Prone with the use of gravity.
  • Sitting with assisted shoulder flexion and emphasis on the serratus anterior.
  • Supine with assisted scapula stability and careful analysis of any compensations.
  • Standing for shoulder mobility with a static pole.

Soon we will be revealing a short clip of what was done but I really feel strongly about bringing this information to as many people as possible and therefore we are going to bring this work to the UK, USA and Canada. See it as it happens and learn it first hand.

We know we all need it!

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