Torso Stability package


Shoulder stability and mobility is directly affected by spinal stability and mobility. This package will address all the elements required in order to achieve ultimate upper torso stability. When both of these areas are stable, only then do the shoulders really start moving and working functionally and with ease. Compensation reduction, precision in execution and client specific training for these joints is one click away!

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Shoulder Stabilization And Precision In Rehabilitation

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Course Overview:

Embrace the shoulder stability BRACE TRIANGLE! See it, feel it, assess it & know what you are assessing through the science & the mechanics of the blade. Link the theory with the practical! Be amazed at what that scapula is capable of doing & eliminate all shoulder injuries NOW!

Course Aim:

Aim: This course will teach the instructor how to implement shoulder stability in order to achieve stabilization through a trained eye. You will understand the in-depth the anatomy and movement of the shoulder. The instructor will also be able to feel correct and incorrect movement in their own shoulder as many clients respond well to seeing the compensations and good movements on their instructor. Cues are vital, as one word changes the entire outcome of the exercise. Hands on training is just as important as the exact placing of your hand could mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful stabilization.

Shoulder Stability WOW Factor

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Course Overview:

Focus on efficient & safe shoulder stability. What is this missing element? How do we teach it? What does it feel like? Well we can tell you that it feels AMAZING! You will never look at shoulder programs the same again. You will embrace a new shoulder stability technique that will have a profound effect on your clients or patients. This course is based on the practical aspect of shoulder stability ONLY & therefore we want to provide YOU with all of the tools, cues, hands-on training & movements that are required in order to achieve that perfect stability.

Aim of the course:

This course will teach the professional a program that will focus on efficient and safe shoulder stability. They will learn how to practically
teach efficient shoulder stability. This course is based on the practical teaching of shoulder stability and therefore, will provide the professional
with all of the tools, cues, hands on training and movements that are required in order to achieve that perfect stability.

Spinal Isolation, Restriction & Rehabilitation

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Course Overview:

Spinal movement, rehabilitation & pathology start to make perfect sense as you delve into this in-depth Of-CourseOnline course. Throw all generic spinal programs away & become a Master of Spinal Program Design. Dig deep into the anatomy & more importantly, what does the spine feel like when moving & WHY?

Course Aim:

Aim: This course is to develop insight into the movement of the pelvic, hip and spine in order to add to the process of pelvic, hip and spinal rehabilitation. We take a deeper look into pure and safe movement as well as functional training of the spine with the objective being client specific training.

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