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The Sleeping Bum (glutes): Solved

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Course Overview:

It is tough to get the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus stronger and active, because our daily movements don’t allow for much load on the glutes and the glutes are constantly in an eccentric (lengthened) position. All we can say is, that after this course, our two ladies were struggling to sit for days because the Glutes woke up in a big way! What an amazing outcome from our filming session. There is an epidemic of sleeping glutes and this is affecting your clients lumbar stability and control, their hip stability and their ability to perform simple daily movements. The knock-on effect of weak glutes is; Sacroiliac Joint Issues, lumbar spine issues, knee issues and pelvic instability when performing daily movements. Client specific gluteal training is vital to solve the SLEEPING BUM EPIDEMIC. Teach and try this amazing class & feel your glutes for days to come after you have done or taught this program. Good luck, YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL IT!

Course Objectives:

This course was designed to give you, the professional a Glute focused class that works like a charm. In this class we take client needs and restrictions into account. You will learn:

  • a full Glute exercise program
  • what compensations happen in each exercise
  • the effective cues used to avoid these compensations
  • the use of voice to help the client increase their activation effort
  • the modifications required for specific restrictions
  • the anatomy involved to stabilize and produce the movement in each exercise
  • the value of closed chain training for the Glutes
  • what to do if you client has tight hip flexors and cannot fully extend their hip
  • how different bodies respond to the exercises and why

Course Material:

  • Downloadable and printable manual
  • Course video/s
  • Downloadable and printable course summary page
  • Quick test
  • Immediate certificate

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Snore! The glutes are fast asleep.


Can you hear them SNOOOORING? WHY?

  • There is a silent epidemic of gluteal atrophy.
  • We are unable to activate our gluteals to a point of functional stability & movement.
  • Gluteals (bum) have become physically & neurologically suppressed.


In order to achieve efficient gluteal work, we need to understand that each person is different & might need completely different exercises to target the glutes.

  • Let’s cure this epidemic by bringing in very specific Kinetic Precision elements of training.
  • Specific closed & open chain gluteal training is required


The OCO ‘Why behind Compensations Course’ + this course is the powerhouse for any gluteal stability. Amazing glutes are one click away!

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for The Sleeping Bum (glutes): Solved

  1. Claire myers

    Really in depth course packed with anatomy references, movement considerations and targeted exercises -even though I know a lot about the glut, (I already focus regularly on working the bum in my Pilates classes), this course was a true learning experience. On completing the course I had fresh inspiration for new and interesting exercises, and the knowledge to back up the ‘why & how’ it will help my clients. Because it’s all On Line I can learn, review & revisit anytime…anywhere. Love It! So much easier than taking time off and travelling around the country to attend a course. …Thank you !

  2. GailRuskin

    I have been a keen subscriber to the “Of-Courseonline” courses over the last year or two. Firstly I find it really convenient and cost-effective to learn online. The way the courses are presented feels very interactive. The online courses and the printable booklets are jam-packed with a lot of relevant, up to date, research based information, All the guidelines for Pilates/body movement teachers are laid out in a logical and clear manner. The suggested exercises are clearly described and supported by visuals. But true to the OF-Courseonline slogan, “we don’t do boring”, Tanya and Lameez present really refreshing and creative ways to access the muscles and improve movement. The courses are great for new and experienced teachers alike. Keep it coming ladies!

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