The Myths of Postural Assessments


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Course Preview:

Course Overview:

It is time to MAKE SENSE OF POSTURES! No more boxes or stereotypes, just real people with different bodies. Now we are talking CLIENT SPECIFIC assessments. Myths busted!

Course Aim:

Aim: This course is to give the professional a comprehensive understanding of postural assessment versus movement assessment and the conflicting information derived through these two factors. We look at the reason behind the information derived as well as the reason for the conflicting information. We will also assess 3 postures in this course and show you how they become a mix of the 5 common postures. The professional will now be able to assess a posture from a perspective of musculoskeletal changes on an individual rather than a general assessment.





Enough is EnoughWhat posture ‘stereotype’ does each client or patient fit into?


NONE?..this is not unusual. Do you know why? Let’s BUST some MYTHS!

  • Postural assessment for client specific program design.
  • Ensure that the information derived for the postural assessment is evaluated against the clients own body type.
  • The information retrieved from the assessment should not be contradictory.
  • Do NOT put your client into a general postural box.
  • Take postures out of the box to make anatomical sense.
  • Know the reasons for the conflicting information that is derived through posture versus movement.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of postural assessment versus movement assessment.


Get 100% Client Specific!

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