The Hip Stability WOW Factor
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Our hips must have the ability to carry us for as long as we live. Once these are injured, then our daily life is affected tremendously. This course is going to give you the knowledge and the tools to assist your clients and patients in creating strength and stability in the hip. They will be able to perform daily movements with ease or even to enhance their current sport.Are you ready to see; our style of presentation and quality of content? Then Let’s DO THIS!

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It is time to look after your HIPS!


Hip stability is vital for daily function. It is also necessary to obtain HIP stability if you are doing any specific sport. 


Stability has never made more sense or has never gone more in depth than this course. Cancel out the myths, compensations and generic programs through this thorough approach to CLIENT SPECIFIC hip stability with a TWIST!

  • Look at the anatomy 
  • Discover a new found understanding of pelvic tilts & its myths
  • Understand Hip disassociation like never before
  • Learn amazing NEW Hip disassociation exercises
  • Learn Free movement exercises 
  • Learn a program that encourages loaded hip disassociation               
  • Create amazing strength and stability in the hip 


This is vital information that will enable you to prevent HIP injuries or assist and rehabilitate current injuries!

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1 review for The Hip Stability WOW Factor
(3 CPD Points)

  1. Charlene

    This course is fantastic! I have learned loads about knee stability and also learned some exercises to use to rehab knees. I have several clients with “bad knees” so I look forward to putting all I have learned into practice.
    Tanya has a way of explaining the way the body works in such a clear and easy to understand manner. Which gives me knowledge and confidence to inturn explain the mechanics to my clients.
    I would highly recommend this course.

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Client Movement Assessment
(3 CPD Points)

Course Preview:

Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide YOU, the professional, with a comprehensive movement assessment program that can be used for all your clients or patients taking their injuries into consideration. YOU will be able to design a client specific program through assessing these movements efficiently.

You will focus on the Fundamentals of ALL movement, see it on a real individual + follow the course with your ‘home printed’ manual. Client programs have never made SO MUCH SENSE!


Lateral Pelvic Tilt

Course Preview:

Course Overview:

Learn all the chain reactions that occur with a Lateral Pelvic tilt combined with an anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt. In order to train a client correctly with any of the above, we need a deeper understanding of how the body responds to movement and exercise when one of these tilts are present. What can we do to assist these clients with the ailments that develop because of the lateral pelvic tilt? Learn a client specific program for a lateral pelvic tilt with the right hip being higher and relate this to the left hip being higher. Learn how to apply your theoretical knowledge to movement and create amazing lateral tilt programs.

Aim of the course:

This course enables the Movement Professional to understand the musculoskeletal changes within the body on a client specific level. They are also able to effectively train a client with any lateral pelvic tilt as well as modify exercises according to the clients needs and create a program that is client specific. This will lead to increased pelvic and spinal stability for the client.


The ‘Why’ Behind Compensations

Course Preview:

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YOU know about movement compensations! But do you know the EXACT reason WHY they are occurring? Learn about the most common movement compensations in the entire body. Why they are happening & exactly how to prevent them on a client specific level? Now you are SPECIALIZING IN MOVEMENT!