The Art of Relaxation


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Course Preview:

Course Overview:

If stress can KILL YOU then relaxation can HEAL YOU! But how do you achieve this? Just follow this course, listen to us as we take you through a program that is going to bring both mental & physical health into your & your clients life. Let us teach you the ART OF RELAXATION so that you can pass the message on to as many people as possible!

Course Aim:

Aim: This course is to give the professional a specific relaxation program that they can teach their clients. It is based on allowing the body to move freely through the specific instruction of the professionals as well as their relaxed teaching style that will encourage the ability for the client to relax. This course is a tool that the professional can use without the client having to go and research how to relax themselves. Once the client is able to achieve what the professional teaches them, only then will the rehabilitation program reap amazing long-term results.


It is time to TAKE A CHILL PILL… & relaaaaaax!


Tension, stress, headaches, sore shoulders & neck aches are the order of the day. Life is hectic, busy & stressful and we are breaking our bodies down bit by bit through all these stressors.

  • Relax?
  • Chill out?


Well, before we can do that, we need to know where to start. Embrace the most important elements of body relaxation.

  • Set the shoulder, spine & hips free through mindful disassociation in the joints.
  • Teach your clients to feel better directly after doing this program.
  • Feel the amazing benefits long term as you teach your clients to de-stress & relax on a more regular basis.
  • Make this part of your & their daily routine & start focusing on taking care of yourself  & them.


Create a more relaxed state of mind! 

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