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The Art of Relaxation

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Course Preview:



Course Overview:

If stress can KILL YOU then relaxation can HEAL YOU! Our clients are lost when it comes to allowing the body to relax. They do not know where to start so they just breath. Now movement is a phenomenal way to eliminate stress from the body, and in this course we want to give you a great ‘stress relieving’ class for you to teach to your clients. We know that when it comes to just allowing the body to let go that you, as the instructor, might struggle to piece together a session that promotes relaxation. In fact, we have created a series of relaxation classes with this being our first one. For more relaxation classes you can look at our Discounted Relaxation Package where you will get this course and additional relaxation classes. In this way, you will have more options to choose from when you are constructing your class. This program is going to bring both mental & physical health into your & your clients life. Let us teach you the ART OF RELAXATION so that you can pass the message on to your clients.

Course Objectives:

This course is to give you, the professional, a specific relaxation program that they can teach to your clients. It is based on allowing the body to move freely through your specific instruction. We also encourage you to listen to the unique teaching style promotes that sense of relaxation. You will learn:

  • understanding the need relaxation for the body
  • a full 30 minute relaxation class
  • a teaching style that promotes relaxation
  • the unique cues used to promote relaxation
  • how relaxation ability will affect restorative and rehabilitative training
  • how the two ladies in the video differ in their ability to relax

Course Material:

  • Downloadable and printable manual
  • Course video
  • Downloadable and printable course summary page
  • Quick test
  • Immediate certificate

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It is time to TAKE A CHILL PILL… & relaaaaaax!


Tension, stress, headaches, sore shoulders & neck aches are the order of the day. Life is hectic, busy & stressful and we are breaking our bodies down bit by bit through all these stressors.

  • Relax?
  • Chill out?


Well, before we can do that, we need to know where to start. Embrace the most important elements of body relaxation.

  • Set the shoulder, spine & hips free through mindful disassociation in the joints.
  • Teach your clients to feel better directly after doing this program.
  • Feel the amazing benefits long term as you teach your clients to de-stress & relax on a more regular basis.
  • Make this part of your & their daily routine & start focusing on taking care of yourself  & them.


Create a more relaxed state of mind! 

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