Taking Control of My Body


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If you can teach your clients or patients anything….then teach them the MY BODY work. You will be giving them the gift of healthy living & mindful health!

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Educating YOURSELF & YOUR CLIENTS is the answer to LONGEVITY...so here goes!


MY BODY…all YOU need to know!

  • Specific health program of how to obtain longevity in movement & the mind-body connection for your patients or clients.
  • Obtain a distinct plan as well as set goals that should be achieved by ALL of their patients.
  • We take a look at shoulders, hips, mind health and general movement principles that create an overall healthy body & mind.
  • YOU will be able to implement this on all of your clients or patients in order for them to obtain the ultimate longevity.


What makes results less favorable & what challenges that lies within the individual SELF. It lies within this course!

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