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Shoulder Stability & Biomechanics WOW Factor

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Course Preview:




Course Overview:

Have you seen our viral shoulder video? It took the globe by storm! Within 72 hours we had over 2 million views. We are absolutely obsessed with shoulders and if you want to learn about how to deal with  your clients shoulders, then you have come to the right place. In this course we look at all of the methods that we have tried and tested, done EMG tests on and helps an array of sportsmen, sportswoman, and others with this revolutionary work. This is a condensed version of our new full SHOULDER STABILITY PROTOCOL. So if you want some quick info, then dive into this shoulder course and view shoulders in a completely new light. You will discover; the missing element in all shoulder programs that is going to revolutionize your shoulder teaching? In every one of our courses, we always cover the theory but we ALWAYS go into the practical. This is to ensure that they theory that you have learned can be applied to your clients without hesitation. You will embrace a new shoulder stability technique that will have a profound effect on your clients or patients. This course is based on the practical aspect of shoulder stability ONLY & therefore we want to provide YOU with all of the tools, cues, hands-on training & movements that are required in order to achieve that perfect stability.

Course Objectives:

This course will teach you, the professional, how to help your clients achieve, efficient and safe shoulder stability. You will learn:

  • the biomechanics of the shoulder
  • what common compensations occur during shoulder training and how to avoid these
  • exercises that focus on the brace triangle
  • a unique teaching style that is specific to shoulder training
  • how to successfully teach efficient shoulder stability
  • all of the tools, cues, hands on training and movements that make your shoulder stability training so effective
  • how to help your client develop the mind-body connection to the inferior angle of the scapula for an easier and stress-free scapula glide

Course Material:

  • Downloadable and printable manual
  • Course video/s
  • Downloadable and printable course summary page
  • Quick test
  • Immediate certificate

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The MISSING LINK in all shoulder stability lies in THIS course.


See it like never before. Watch that scapula glide with a total WOW factor! STOP making the common mistake!

  • Change the way you view shoulder stability & see amazing results. 
  • Eliminate injuries, tension & possible degeneration in the neck & shoulders.
  • Re-direct your focus completely on shoulder stability training.
  • Incorporate the MISSING ELEMENT of functional & relaxed free movement, the benefits of this & how to obtain this within an individuals shoulder.
  • Learn how to develop your clients mind body connection.
  • Learn the importance of exercises versus free movement & thought.
  • Connect to the inferior angle of the scapula NOW!
  • Watch as we stabilize a shoulder within 60 minutes, you will be amazed.


The course is based on thousands of hours of experience, study & implementation of this method through the principles of Kinetic Precision. This course will without a doubt, start a new process of efficient, safe & pure shoulder stability. Shoulder stability issues will be diminished & positive results will follow.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Shoulder Stability & Biomechanics WOW Factor

  1. Claire myers

    brilliant course…refreshing my understanding of the muscles used for shoulder stability but also how to cue good scapula positioning so the client can actually understand it & do it This info will be really useful as I am teaching

  2. ritawania

    I learned a lot about the importance of Serratus anterior, how to cue it and how to activate it so that it can function correctly. While following along with the exercises I could see my own shoulders opening up and moving more freely. I will start implementing the newly gained knowledge with my clients.

  3. Ania Wojtera

    This is an amazing workshop, I have some experience with the subject but the way you explain how to use and motivate lazy serratus to work is brilliant. I’m satisfied as always and can’t wait for the next course. I have good progress with my clients already and this workshop gives me more confidence to work with clients. I love the assisted wor as well and I had an opportunity to try it so far, works like a charm.

  4. Ritadon

    Finally I found a course that answered loads of my questions.
    I have been doing Tanya’s webinars from UK since 2018.
    I love it very much
    Tanya is very professional and very clear in her teaching.
    Absolutely brilliant
    Delighted and looking forward to attend the rest of your courses.

  5. terimoksha

    Tanya is the Bomb!! … however I need to go over and over to get it right.

  6. ausgefuxt

    I’ve been working as an archery coach for many years and have several degrees in sports sciences etc., But your practical way in guiding people to use their scapula correctly gave me a knew insight. Thanks!

  7. bowens135

    Such a great course for understanding shoulder stability. Thank you as always!

  8. Dixie

    Excellent!!! as someone who struggles with shoulder stability – the cueing is spot on nd the exercises demostrated are bang on!

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