Shoulder Home Program


Shoulder stability & care for your patients or clients is ONE CLICK AWAY! They cannot only rely on you to do it for them. It is about what they do with their body & SHOULDERS daily that will have a massive effect on their joints longevity. It all starts with the SHOULDERS!


A simple 30min shoulder program is ONE click away!


Eliminate your clients / patients shoulder pain, headaches & neck injuries at your facility.  

  • Incorporate this program whilst rehabilitating your client / patient.
  • Prevent any future injury in their shoulders, neck or upper back.
  • If they are sporty then they will need this program.
  • Learn a safe shoulder SHOULDER program with precautions for certain shoulder injuries.
  • Take control of YOUR shoulder rehab classes through a safe program.
  • Results: less headaches, less tension, less shoulder injuries & less neck injuries.
  • Eliminate generic shoulder programs.


Make this part of your rehab ‘go to’ programs.

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Shoulder Stabilization And Precision In Rehabilitation

Embrace the shoulder stability BRACE TRIANGLE! See it, feel it, assess it & know what you are assessing through the science & the mechanics of the blade. Link the theory with the practical! Be amazed at what that scapula is capable of doing & eliminate all shoulder injuries NOW!
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The Hip Stability WOW Factor

Our hips must have the ability to carry us for as long as we live. Once these are injured, then our daily life is affected tremendously. This course is going to give you the knowledge and the tools to assist your clients and patients in creating strength and stability in the hip. They will be able to perform daily movements with ease or even to enhance their current sport.Are you ready to see; our style of presentation and quality of content? Then Let’s DO THIS!
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The Art of Relaxation

If stress can KILL YOU then relaxation can HEAL YOU! But how do you achieve this? Just follow this course, listen to us as we take you through a program that is going to bring both mental & physical health into your & your clients life. Let us teach you the ART OF RELAXATION so that you can pass the message on to as many people as possible!
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