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Pregnancy and Safe Training

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Course Preview:



Course Overview:

Training this special population can be nerve-racking because we know how delicate and important this stage is in a ladies life. The good news is that even though she is pregnant, she is capable of a lot. However, there are various precautions that we want to keep in mind. You will also need to make changes to her program as she progresses through her trimesters. The first step to teaching a pregnant client is to have a bit more knowledge of what their bodies are going through. In this course, we will be taking you through the theory of pregnancy (and no, not how babies are made) but what changes are occurring in her body. This will help you better understand what she is feeling like when she is doing certain exercises. We want to help you step into her shoes, see how she moves, hear how she feels and delve into the reality of moving when you are pregnant. Get a full pregnancy program, per trimester and watch and learn as we teach a pregnant client.

Course Objectives:

This course is to give the you, the professional a deeper understanding of how to set up a comprehensive program for a pregnant lady, bearing the 3 different trimesters in mind. You will learn:

  • the physical changes that happen to her body per trimester
  • the hormonal changes and how this affects her training program
  • the precautions when training her
  • what diastasis recti is
  • pregnancy guidelines
  • when you should discontinue exercise
  • what forms of exercise are safe for her to do
  • comfortable training and resting positions
  • exercise program modifications per trimester
  • full exercise program per trimester with modifications and assists
  • how to educate your client on her changing posture and what impact this postural change will have on her body
  • the common conditions and injuries and how to adapt the program to improve her general wellbeing.

Course Material:

  • Downloadable and printable manual
  • Course video/s
  • Downloadable and printable course summary page
  • Quick test
  • Immediate certificate

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You require 70% to pass the quick test. If you do not pass, you are able to retake the test at anytime. Your downloadable certificate will be immediately available when you pass.

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Delve into the world of Pregnancy & safe exercise. 

This is a very important time in her life, therefore YOU need to feel confident when training her! See it all happen on a pregnant lady in this course!

  • Have the information at your fingertips to make safe decisions.
  • Gain extensive knowledge on movement & pregnancy.
  • Learn a comprehensive program for a pregnant woman in the 3 trimesters.
  • Learn all the precautionary measures & adaptations.
  • Learn about common pregnancy induced conditions.
  • Learn about common pregnancy injuries and how to adapt the program to improve these.


This course is going to teach you far more than you had hoped for. This will enable YOU to educate HER on the changes that are occurring in HER body.

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