Pregnancy and Safe Training


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Course Preview:

Course Overview:

Pregnancy is dealt with care. This will be YOUR main objective. With our pregnancy course, this will be a breeze as you step into her shoes, see how she moves, hear how she feels and delve into the reality of moving when you are pregnant. Learn an endless amount of information regarding safe & efficient pregnancy programs.SHE will be so grateful that YOU did this course!

Course Aim:

Aim: This course is to give the instructor or professional a deeper understanding of how to set up a comprehensive program for a pregnant woman, bearing the 3 different trimesters in mind. The professional will learn the various adaptations, approaches and classes that you can offer per trimester. It will also provide them with information on common conditions and injuries and how to adapt the program to improve her general wellbeing. Therefore, guiding her in being able to cope with the changes that are occurring in her body.


Delve into the world of Pregnancy & safe exercise. 

This is a very important time in her life, therefore YOU need to feel confident when training her! See it all happen on a pregnant lady in this course!

  • Have the information at your fingertips to make safe decisions.
  • Gain extensive knowledge on movement & pregnancy.
  • Learn a comprehensive program for a pregnant woman in the 3 trimesters.
  • Learn all the precautionary measures & adaptations.
  • Learn about common pregnancy induced conditions.
  • Learn about common pregnancy injuries and how to adapt the program to improve these.


This course is going to teach you far more than you had hoped for. This will enable YOU to educate HER on the changes that are occurring in HER body.

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